Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Babies, babies everywhere

Yesterday, friends of ours had their baby. Baby C is so adorable. He's got dark hair and a scrunched up face. He's a good baby so far for under 24 hours. The parents are gonna be good parents. Really good parents. We are truly blessed to know them. They remind Rich and I a lot of ourselves. Newly married, remodeling a house and now an addition to the family. They are a lot of fun to be around and I hope our friendship continues throughout the years and we are able to see their family grow. For such a young couple, they sure made an impact on these old folks.

Baby R was born this evening. My neighbor/friend's daughter had her first baby. Well, the new mamma is my friend too, but sometimes it's just easier to say my friend's daughter. Actually, my neighbor/friend, her sister and all of their kids are my friends. And now.. the kids' friends are my friends too. Confused? But it's so much fun and NEVER a dull moment. They are all so loving and friendly and just kinda took me in as an aunt.. The kids are old enough to be my sisters. Actually, my sister went to school with one of them. I watched these girls grow up and get married and now they are having babies! I'm very blessed to have them in my life. Each one of the girls are very different. Some are so touchy feely and very emotional. Some are strong and bold and then they have a softer side that cries when she has to get on that plane and go back home LOL

I have yet another friend whose daughter is due in a few weeks. Oh, it's gonna be a good year of babies, I tell ya! And the love.. the love to share. Funny how when you starting opening your heart and loving.. unconditionally.. the love in return.. just overfills you.

Yes, I'm all caught up in the baby-bliss moment... and that's just how I wanna be.


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Sheri said...

It must be the year for babies....My "neice" had a baby in January...he is beautiful!!

A girl at work is being induced today! I'm sure she is more than ready- last time I saw her she was miserable poor thing

Taylor has a friend that is due in January.

Kevin and Beth are expecting again in December (GIRL!) Finally...Me, then 22 years later Taylor.....a few years later Emily (Mike's Daughter) Adam's twin girls (:() and NOW another girl...My gramma would have LOVED IT!

Beth asked my mom to wave her hand over her belly so that she could send girl vibes..since she was the only one to have a girl......Mom said but Mike had a girl- she said that dont count- they had help from a dr to get pregnant. hahaha