Wednesday, September 26, 2007


How much is enough to do for a friend, for a friend who has been a very good friend, who just seemed to walk into your life one day and you felt like you had been friends for years. I knew nothing about this person, yet felt like all that didn't matter. We were friends and she was a lot like me! I was instantly comfortable with her and could tell her things very easily. I never felt judged or questioned or that I had to defend myself. Instant friends.

And just like with friends you have had for years, best friends, sometimes we don't talk for a while and then we catch up online or email and we just tend to pick up right where we left off. None of that uncomfy silence... that "what do I say now???" feeling.

Her dad passed away. To her, he rose and set the sun. Everytime she would talk about him I could hear the love she had for him. I could feel her smiling. I know he loved her too and spoiled her rotten!

I'll be there for her.. that's all I can do. But it just seems like it's not near enough.

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Sheri said...

Fear are "comforting" by nature-you need not say a word- It's just something about you. You were very comforting to me during the many deaths in my life. Thanks Ms Rachel.