Thursday, September 13, 2007


We had been talking about the tropical storm and the amount of rain it could bring us. With all the rain we already have had.. and now expecting MORE, we figured we needed some things from the store before it was too late.

You know.. important things. Like.. snacks. Bread. Lunch meat. And chips and dip.

Oh, I have rubbermaids full of hygeine and toiletry items. That's covered.

Off we went. No coupons. I paid waay too much. But hey, we NEEDED it. I certainly did not want to get out in the weather nor the day after for bread. I'm trying to think ahead. I like to do my shopping on the weekends and this mid week stuff is messing me up big-time.

We went to bed anticipating rain around midnight. I woke up around 1 to wind-driven rain on my window. It pounded and poured for a solid hour. I heard the weather band radio go off, but was too tired to hear what he had to say. Around 5:30 I woke up with Rich and it was pouring again. It started around 4:30 and it really poured or steadily rained for hours after that. I decided to get up and watch the news to see if the kidlets could sleep late.

You'd swear it was a hurricane with all the coverage. Wait a minute. It IS a hurricane. When did that happen???? It was a CAT 1 hurricane when it hit. Texas got hit pretty hard. We were on the "bad" side (East) of the hurricane and I don't think it was near as bad. We had wind gusts and pouring rain.. but that really was about it. We never lost power (thank goodness!) and even the cable never flickered. It was dark and gloomy and the kids were happy that moms work was slow because she was able to make breakfast - which they didn't eat until they arose at 10am! But I'm not complaining.. it was easier that they were sleeping and didn't bug me to death with a zillion questions and wanting to open and eat everything in the house due to boredom.

Once the weather cleared, the girls promptly declared it a good day to go shopping and dashed out before mom could give advice about driving in the rain and not going through roads covered with water and instructions on which roads tended to flood quickly.

Son has now darted off to swim at the neighbors house.

I'm all alone again. Ahhh..

They are off again tomorrow for a teacher's meeting. I hope I have enough snacks to keep them full! Somehow I doubt it though.

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