Sunday, September 02, 2007

it spread like wild fire

Thank goodness for cells phones. Good news travels fast!

Girlfriend called saying Sears was having a killer sale. I was in great need of some basic black things and decided to head that way. Called another friend and she high-tailed it over there too. Then I saw another friend of a friend who had been called by my first friend. Whoo hoo! Girls shopping.

I visited the dressing room like 5 times and walked away with:

1 navy dress with jacket - the lil black dress didn't look as good as the navy
1 pair of black capris
1 black button up top
1 coral shirt
1 powder blue shirt
3 shells

All for 54.00. The navy dress was regular 80.00 and I got it for 15.99!! So I got all my clothes for less than the cost of the dress.

I also snagged a black/white necklace and earings, and a red necklace (to wear with navy dress!) Now I'm on the hunt for another pair of jeans and some tshirts. Oh, and navy shoes :) I snagged a really cute pair of black shoes at Payless. Which would go awesome with the skirts in the misses section. But, alas, they had none in my size. The skirts would be GREAT to work in. They'd be great to run to the store when work is slow or if I had to pick the kids up. Sometimes I just get tired of shorts and frumpy tshirts. They are just cotton and can really be dressed up or down.

I know.. who'd have thought. ... ME ... and clothes? I got some really great tips and they are proving to work great. I make a beeline for my styles and skip over the rest. Find my size and then my color. Who hoo! Shopping like a pro. It still overwhelms me, but I'm learning. I have some great friends who help too.

I can see this could quickly get out of hand LOL

It must be working because my husband now tells me I look nice.. without any prompting.. and the kids tell me I have a shape and look much better than trying to hide under baggy clothes. I feel good about myself and that's what matters most :)

Happy Labor Day!

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