Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's every mother's dream...

to have a child whine TO eat green beans. Yup. Sarah absolutely loves green beans. She has eaten green beans every day after school this week. That's four days worth of green beans! Well, smothered green beans with onions and bacon drippings that her mamma cooks with love. She wanted them so bad that she even ate them with a hotdog and chili. Her sister was grossed out, but she was loving every tastey morsel.

Last night we had McDonald's, so tonight was hotdogs. Today is kinda rushed, so it worked out. I had a migraine last night (lack of coffee) and wanted to gouge my right eye out. Surely that would feel better and release the pressure behind it.

Rich picked up the kids from CCD, ran to the drug store for an Rx I was supposed to get yesterday, and then treated the kids to McDonald's. Awww. He even picked me up some nuggets and fries. McDonald's always makes you feel better :)

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Sheri said...

Begining tomorrow, your McDonald's will be served with a TaylorBrooke smile!