Saturday, September 15, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if I take things too seriously. Then other times, I know I'm not!

Daniel had a friend coming to spend the night. Said "friend" has never been here and I was eager to meet a fellow buddy. You know,you gotta know who your kids' friends are. They had no school on friday, so friend was gonna spend the day with girlfriend. No biggie.. I figured a few hours. Friend was supposed to come around 6pm. Kinda late being they had the day off from school, but I wasn't sure if his dad was bringing him and that was the time he was able. Okay.. fine.

Every hour, Daniel called friend asking where the heck he was! People. AT 10:00 p.m. said friend finally rolls up, being brought by his friend. Hmm.. Me thinks parents assume he has been at Daniel's house since 6, when in fact he has been riding around and hanging out with girlfriend. GRRRRR.

Check on your kids, people. I was so furious. What kind of first impression is he making? Is this normal for him?? I was NOT impressed and I know Daniel was quite upset. I even suggested telling him it was too late and just come tomorrow for the day. Daniel had his heart set on gaming all night and here it was 10pm and friend was 4 hours late!!

Like I said, I'm not impressed with this kid. But who knows... maybe I'm all wrong and he was just caught up in love and really is a good kid?? We shall see!

On a happier note... my husband decided not to go to the camp this weekend - so he is home! He's helping a neighbor with his carport at the moment. Hopefully we'll get to go to the movies either today or tomorrow.

I'm off to cut coupons, make my grocery list, make my menu for next week and SHOWER. I know you just couldn't function without knowing LOL

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