Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feeling better

This weekend I was sick. Being the mom and being sick just a few days can throw the entire household out of wack. Amazing.

I finally made it to the grocery store on Sunday evening and that wore me out. I've had on time to make my menu for the week. But I have had lots of lounging time and reading time - that is always good.

Odds and ends around the house need to be put back in their place. Why is it nobody else sees this?? PICK IT UP when you pass by it and take it back where it belongs. ARGH.

That is what frustrates me most - I spend more time picking and putting things back instead of cleaning. I have one section of the cabinet filled with stuff that does not belong in the living room/kitchen/dining room.

Obviously, I must be feeling better because I'm griping LOL Off to do some picking and putting.


Sarah said...

My problem is this- I can't find anywhere to put the odds and ends! Our house (a.k.a. apartment) is just way too small! :P I know the feeling- believe me!

kritterc said...

Loved the Spanx story and I can so relate to being the only one who sees the need to pick up. Hope you are feeling better. Peace and Blessings.