Saturday, October 13, 2007

Please, don't bugg me.

I thought I was feeling better. Yesterday was the pits! So glad work was slow. I lounged on and off and was just feeling icky. Tummy gurgling, upset, churning, aching.

Today I feel better - but that's what I thought the other day! All I can think of is I caught some bug and it did not get to settle in and really make me sick as a dawg because I take my probiotics along with a multivitamin. I really need to get back to taking my Ambratose. It's just so icky tasting, but it really does work. I have so much energy and feel so alive. It just tastes THAT bad it makes me not want to take it. Ever chew a vitamin? EWWW. Yes, that's the taste. icky poo!

Sarah has had tummy troubles since she was born. She's not lactose intollerant, she just has a lot of stomach problems. I started her on the probiotics and guess what? We are on day 4 of no tummy troubles! My mom kept suggesting it was IBS. NO. It's NOT. Nervous stomach? Not really. It comes and goes and has nothing to do with what's going on in her life. It just happens now and then. Mostly in the morning. I think her GI tract is waking up and getting moving and she's feeling it. Since starting the probiotics.. normal kid! Amazing how something so simple as taking a probiotic could help. My kids were never sick. Seriously. By the time they would need to see the doctor their chart had been filed away in the inactive files. They each may have taken the "pink stuff" or "purple stuff" twice in their whole lives. No kidding. They get a cold now and again, but no severe sore throats and no earaches. Never have. Now, hopefully I can get them started on a multivitamin. Winter is coming you know :)

Speaking of winter.. the past few days have been incredible weather days! This morning I was down right CHILLY in my bed. I slept in my lounge pants and was chilly! I'm sure it got down to the very low 50s. Beautiful weather. I hope we have a few weeks of weather like this. I have some boxes in storage I need to go through and it's just too hot to be in there digging around and moving stuff.

Rich is at the camp hunting; muzzle loading season started. Hopefully he can snag a deer on this trip.

I'm resting and getting caught up on laundry and some odds and ends around the house. I may have to sit on the patio this evening and have Daniel start up the fire pit, have some wine while the kids roast hot dogs and gobble up s'mores! MMMM We shall see! Fall is my favorite time of the year. :)

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