Thursday, October 11, 2007

surfing time

How do you spend your internet time? Favorite blogs, web pages, email, or just surfing google to see where it takes you?

I have been online for oh... 15+ years. So much has changed. My kids cannot recall a time without the internet. Or cell phones. Or cable for that matter!

I like to read blogs. It gives a snippit into a person's life and you can tell a lot about what a person devulges. I'm not drawn to anything in particular about blogs. All ages, children/childless, all religions, areas of the world. It's kinda neat to see what other people are doing in their lives. Pretty much the same as me - living life!

I have found some new blogs to read recently. Funny how before the age of the internet I never would have met these people or known anything about their lifestyles or their part of the world. I can check-in at my leisure and see what they've been up to. I can comment, email or just be a silent reader. There are some pretty interesting folks out there.

Who says the internet is all bad?? All depends on how YOU are using it :)


Sarah said...

I'm like you- I love reading blogs! I could spend all day blog hopping if I had nothing else better to do. Thanks for your comments- I LOVE comments and knowing someone actually cares. =)

Blondie said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. RYC: the bar area you see in the picture has cabinets on one side, but is a bar area with leg room on the other side. There are bar stools but you can't see them in the pic from that angle. It's nice because the kids can sit in there for breakfast and lunch, and we can use the dining room for family meals.

I spend my internet time mostly reading a few blogs and a couple Catholic message boards.

I love having the internet too, and I have made many friends over the years. I've managed to meet at about 20 people IRL that I first met online - people whom I would have never known otherwise. In fact, I just moved across the country to a city I was completely unfamiliar with, and have started out with a few friends thanks to the Internet (and I've met them in person now).

I've been online for almost 13 years now and like you, my kids cannot recall a time w/o the internet. They are amazed that I actually grew up without cell phones!

Valerie said...

I came across your blog and check it from time to time (a silent observer). I've always been fascinated by other people and sometimes, if you're having a bad day or having a hard time w/ hubby or kids, it helps to know you're not the only one!