Sunday, October 14, 2007


I spoke to Rich today while he was at the camp and gave him the rundown of my day, wished him luck in hunting, whispered sweet nothings in his ear and hung up the phone.

Off we went to town. And yes, "to town" is what we say when we are going INTO town to shop or whatever. Going "to town" is a big deal - or we treat it as such. Back-in-the-day (as my kids called it) going "to town" was more of a social event. Families saw other families while they were in town and did the usual catchup chatter. Now we have cell phones and fast-food joints for our hustle-bustle lifestyles. Crazy how the world is now.

So we get back home, grab and snack and spread out doing each our own thing. My MIL calls and I talk to her about the weekend, telling her Rich is coming home on Monday. I can hear a rumble of a big truck but assume it's at the neighbor's.


He came home early ... because... HE MISSED ME!!! Boy, do I feel loved! I really was not expecting him home until lunch tomorrow. AWwww.

Off to snuggle again with hubby! I love surprises like that!


JCK said...

Now, that is a great surprise!

Thanks so much for coming by my BLOG. I've been feeling under the weather, too. Do you think we're spreading it through Momblogs in cyberspace?

Mary said...

That is just so sweet!

My husband works l-o-n-g hours almost an hour's drive away. When he comes home, it's like he's been gone for months!

Take care!
Mary in TN