Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thank you, Jesus

After work yesterday I was napping in my chair when the news station broke in to say a bus had been in an accident at an intersection near me. I jumped out of my chair, took one look at Jessica and said, "Your brother may be on that bus!"

A quick grab of my purse and keys and we darted out the door. Jessica hopped in her car and was about to pull out when I rolled down the window to find out where she was going. Uhm.. same place I was! GET IN MY TRUCK!!

At the highway corner it was already blocked off. We were told to wait in the church parking lot until they gave the clear for us to drive down to the intersection. Lots of parents showed up. I kept asking what bus number it was and nobody knew. Several frantic phone calls to various cell phones of Daniel's friends were all met with voice mail. CRAP!

The officer let us drive to the intersection. The school bus was on its side, nose first in the ditch! We drove to the ambulance area. I met up with a friend who gave me the bus number.


There were 12 kids on the bus from preK to 5th grade. Our local college football players were on their way to practice when they saw the wreck. They helped the kids off the bus. The bus driver had to be extracated from the bus. Someone ran the red light, clipping the back of the bus on the passenger side sending the bus into a circle and into the ditch.

The news so far is that everyone is okay!! Miraculous.

I'm giving praise today.

If you get a moment, I'd also appreciate a prayer for Kayla who is having heart surgery today. She was born with a heart defect and is having another surgery on it today. She and her husband have a 1-year-old. I know they'd all appreciate it too. Thanks.

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Audrey said...

Wow, that must have been scary. I am so glad that was not your sons bus! Poor babies though, I hope they were all alright.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

I will be praying!