Monday, November 05, 2007

Busy Bees!

Gosh, time sure flies!

Here are some random thoughts:

Community coffee (the BEST coffee) make a chocolate coffee. MMMM. It's really good! I had three cups - and 2 is usually my limit.

The weekend was jam packed. So much fun! I didn't get to the grocery store until Sunday evening! Insane!

Rich's package came today. He's gonna be so excited. I'm waiting to open it when he gets here. :) Normally, I cannot contain myself and rip into it LOL I know, just like a kid.

Keeping the house picked up pays off LOL need to vacuum today. Soon as I finish blogging.

Menu planning pays off!

I need a new cmas tree - prelit one! I'm splurging :)

The kids think I have done gone insane with all my "fake fruit" in the kitchen. The kitchen is done in fruits. DUH!

Getting dressed in the mornings pays off :)

I don't like it getting dark this early. Blah.

The chickens need to lay more eggs, but I'm afraid not gonna happen with the decreased daylight hours.

Need to get to the library, bank and book store.

The time changed has messed with my internal clock. Need Tylenol P.M. tonight.

Off to cook and clean. I love being at home :)

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