Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gimme more, gimme more!

Gimme more cool weather! Ahh, the cool front is here.

Time to get things ready for tomorrow and do some reading. I'm zipping along in my Bible. So many times I have tried to read it and it became so confusing, so I'd go back to reading it by jumping all around the scriptures. This time, it's reading like a novel and I cannot wait to see what happens next. (okay, so I know what happens, but it's so neat to read it.) For a long while I wanted to find something good to read. Nothing seemed to call to me. The endless books at the library looked interesting.. but they just filled my mind with fantasy and such. I wanted something good. Something to LEARN. That's when I picked up my bible again. This time I took it slow and and read a bit each night. Sometimes I cannot put it down! :)

I know.. to some it may sound weird.. but the older I get the stronger my craving to dig deeper into my faith. maybe it has something to do with surviving the hurricane through my faith? I know my faith is strong.. and it seriously is what kept me from REALLY going off the deep end at some points.. but I want more...


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