Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobble, gobble

People.. don't faint. Ready?

My tree is UP and I have been listening to XM Christmas music for a few days now :) Check your pulse. hahaha

I tend to go from one extreme to the other - fashionably late.. or extremely early. I just figured since the kids were out of school and they are continually B-O-R-E-D that this would give them something to do. They like looking at all the ornaments they made over the years. Fits of laughing, rolling around on the floor and legs kicking in the air followed by gasps for air can be quite entertaining for all!

Hubby and I spent the better part of an afternoon looking at trees. Ours was destroyed in the storm. We upgraded! The tree is gorgeous and I'm so happy to have a nice, tall, wide tree that is prelit with berries and pinecones it to give it that "fresh cut" feel. It was the only one Rich and I agreed on and when he said to bring the buggy so he could load it up, I didn't hesitate! My man hates to shop as much as I do and well.. sometimes it works out great!

Today I made the icing for my cakes. MMMM... We are going to Rich's aunt house and I'm bringing carrot souffle, sweet potatoe casserole, chocolate cake with mint icing, and crockpot bread pudding! MMMMMMMMMMM There should be about 15-20 people there.. and it's always scrumptious.

After lunch we'll be headed to my parents for dessert and coffee. We'll be stuffed to the giblets and rolling around for days.

This weekend my dad and Rich are making sausage - perfect timing with the cold weather. MMMM.. maybe they will smoke some tasso too!

I love this time of year! I cannot wait to go shopping on Friday - though I really don't need anything, I want to take advantage of some great sales. Then it's home to wrap and put under the tree!!

yes, I know there is MORE to Cmas than decorations and trees and lights. But I"ll get to all that mushy stuff closer to Cmas.

I'm off to have coffee with gingerbread creamer and watch the Cmas tree lights glow in the corner of the living room while the AC blasts cool air LOL


Blondie said...

Hi Rachel,
We put our tree up Friday (after Thanksgiving), hung our outdoor lights, and I've been listening to Christmas music constantly! Last year we were "late," putting the tree up on only a couple weeks before Christmas - but this year we could hardly wait. Maybe it's this cold weather we're enjoying after moving north. Your tree sounds really pretty.

Anne-Marie said...

I have to confess to being some thing of a Christmas grinch. Personally, I think any thing to do with Christmas should be banned until December at the earliest. To have Christmas advertising start in early November (which is what happens here) is just ridiculous.

However, I must admit I do get a little excited over Christmas once all my shopping is done!

Your tree sounds lovely, as does the food you plan to make.

By the way, could you send me your recipe for red beans and rice, please? My email is greenie.eugenie@gmail.com.


Sarah said...

I hadn't heard from you in awhile- I thought you had gone and fallen off the face of th earth! =P Anyway, thanks for your comment and I'm back!