Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday time!

I knew the holiday time was keeping me busy, but it's been almost a month since I blogged. I do read other blogs. I just cannot find the time needed to gather thoughts, edit so it's flowing and easy (hopefully fun) to read.

This year I got my tree up in record time and even starting shopping early. I was so proud of myself. Each year I try to add one more thing to help me get more organized instead of saying I'll get more organized and then having it overwhelm me only to give up totally. If you haven't gotten a card from me - don't hold your breath - I missed that getting organized idea somewhere along the way and now it's too late. Maybe next year? hahaha

Cmas time is celebrated early with my family; usually the 2nd weekend in December. This forces me to shop early for my side, get it wrapped and be ready. The kids have something to keep them busy and time to enjoy their new stuff before Cmas day. It works out great. No more rotating holidays with inlaws or others.. it gets the Holiday Spirit flowing and begins the parties! This year it was held at my house. How nice to have everyone over. Rich cooked gumbo and rice, sister brought potatoe salad, mom brought dessert. We all brought snacks and had a great time eating, nibbling and then... opening presents.

I wanted an apron. I have a nice, big kitchen and love to cook and there is always something to clean. I'm short, so the cabinet top hits me just under the boobs. GRRR.. I'm usually in good pants and an uglee shirt becuase of the mess I tend to make with myself in cooking and cleaning. My shirt is usually wet from washing dishes.. I tend to really get into my work. I hunted high and low for an apron and finally found one online that I loved. I had decided that with the $ my MIL was gonna give me this year an apron would be the item I was getting. Cause.... well.. I really need to stop shopping for myself already hahaha

Needless to say, I cried when I opened the apron from my sister. It is perfect! It came from the store I wanted - which had all the apron qualities i wanted! - and it's a perfect match for my kitchen and much prettier than the one I was going to get myself. She kept saying she kind went overboard with little things here and there and that she was in a giving mood. Hey, that was fine with me as I was in the receiving mood!

Everyone loved their presents and had a great time. We open from youngest to oldest (one present at a time) to make it last and so we all can see what each other received.. it helps stretch things along. The kids love it and know exactly who is next to open a present.

My sister takes great pictures and we moved some furniture around in the house and snapped some family pictures. I cannot wait to see them!

Friday night was a business party - what a great time! Oh, I hope to be a hostess like that one day and decorate so effortlessly! She makes it look so easy. Plan, plan, plan.

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