Monday, December 17, 2007

Tired and more tired

I have been trying to rest up since Friday's office party and Saturday's Cmas at my house with my family. I don't bounce back like I use to.. and Friday I had two glasses of wine and that was it!

I think I'm mentally draining myself and then I'm so drained I cannot do much of anything after work. I felt the "blues" coming over me and realized today was day my grandmother passed away. It's been 3 years.. you'd think the pain would lessen. Then I have Rich and his mom and brother... the passing of my FIL was way too soon. I see my husbands brain churning at family gatherings - his father should still be here. No more memories to be made. No more things to look forward to. No more talks, visits.. it's just too damned depressing.

As my kids would say... It's just not fair.


Anne-Marie said...

Take of yourself, hon. This is often a hard time of year when loved ones have passed away. I'll say a wee prayer for you =hugs=

Anneatheart said...

You know, I find myself missing my grandparents that have passed on more as time goes by. It's been 5 years since my grandfather passed away, and I miss him a lot. It's been just a year since my grandmother passed away, and I am really missing her!

At least they're much happier now :)