Monday, January 07, 2008

busy bees

Wow, a week into the new year. Work has picked up after the holidays and the kids are back in school. I worked the weekend so it feels like I haven't had a break in a good while. I did manage to get to the grocery store. Loads of goodies.

Tonight, Daniel and I are watching the LSU vs Ohio game. Go Tigers!! I'm so glad my dad taught me about football when I was younger. Thanks, Dad. Now I can explain things and enjoy a game with my son. Rich's sports must contain mudd and engines revving and noise. NOISE!

Sunday night I was in bed by 8pm and Saturday I was in bed by 7:30! It's 9 pm and I'm still kicking, tho I'm fading fast. My days are so busy mentally and I'm drained by the evening.

Speaking of drained. I attempted to do Pilates today. my favorite dvd that I never had a problem doing. OH MY GOSH. I am so out of shape! It totally kicked my butt. But it felt good. Sitting all day at work is not a good thing. Gotta get moving. It really felt good to move and stretch and sweat! I feel like I accomplished something today - mind, body and soul.

It's hot again in the south and we have the AC on in Jan, people! Some time this week we are expecting more cool weather. It cannot come fast enough.

Enough of my ramblings... time for jello! MMMM

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