Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ringing in 2008

We had our annual New Year's Eve Party. I love New Year's. I totally forgot to take pictures, so you'll just have to trust that it was as beautiful as I describe.

I lined the walk, around the front porch and the patio with brown paper bags that were rolled down. In the bag was kitty litter and a small candle nestled down into the litter. The weight from the litter holds the bag in place, the little catches any spillage of wax and the candle gives off a wonderful amber glow. Great mood setter. Just enough light to see with.. but not a blinding light. And you can practically use them anywhere you want a soft glow. The bag also stops your candle from getting blown out from the wind.. but in my case, living the country, the wind was inevitable and some did blow out sooner than others. I also recently found two carriage lanterns and hung those with candles in them. So pretty! It made finding the house easy and was so inviting if I do say so myself. I also had two round trays with a lip around them. I filled these with kitty litter and nestled different sized and colored candles into the litter. I put one on the coffee table and one on that table on the front porch. So pretty! My chimenea recently broke but we kept the stand. Rich picked up a washtub at the feed store and voila - huge drink holder! With as many people as we had and between wine bottles and water bottles, beer and cold drinks.. we had that sucker filled to the rim. I'm so glad we didn't opt for the 54.00 one at Lowe's. It would have been waaaay too small. Guess we just like to drink too much LOL

So much food! Everyone brought something and adding that to what I had made.. egads! It was all scrumptious. I had hotdogs and chili and all the trimmings...dips, chips, crackers, cheeses, deviled eggs, homemade sausage rings speared with a cube of pepperjack cheese on a toothpick, drinks galore and then friends brought cookies and homemade dips and soon we were overflowing with goodies.

Everyone laughed and reminisced and draink and ate.. mingled and walked on the porch and patio.. it was great. Once the wind picked up everyone stayed inside unless they need a smoke break. They sucked hard on their cigarettes and quickly came inside LOL I'm the youngest in our circle of friends. So my friends' children are now having children and as young adults they are also my friends. It was neat to have them there.. I can remember moving here and they were as old as my kids are now. Hard to believe time has flown that fast.

We watched the ball drop at midnight and broke out pictionary. OMGOSH The men where a hoot! They pay no attention to detail and detail is what you need for pictionary. One guy drew a rectangle with some squiggly lines. He was so sure the men would get it. They guessed everything under the sun and never got it. It was a level. The squiggly lines were the bubble floats. LOL Needless to say, the women skunked them!

I think everyone left around 1:30? I picked some up and then my friend and I visited until 3:30? She left and I watched tv some more. Around 4 I finally slipped beneath the covers. Rich let me sleep until 10! Who hooo.

We had lunch at his moms with lots of her siblings and her parents and then we came home and I washed up platters and transferred things to smaller bowls. I cleaned up the porch and candle drippings, put out more candles and it looks like our house again.

Tonight is supposed to be downright COLD for or area - 25 degrees! Get the fire stacked, Ethel. It's gonna be colder than a witches tit!

Happy 2008!

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