Saturday, April 26, 2008

home cooking

My pork roast is stuffed and injected... marinating in the icebox (fridge for all of you up North). MMM Gonna be good eating.

My plants are growing. Veggies soon!

I'm narrowing down my paint color for the chairs on the front porch. With the dark shutters, I feel the color needs to be a deep one. I've gotten the choices down to 2. I'm thinking of alternating the colors on the chairs. I love both colors and just cannot decide.

There is an old wives tale that says Thunder in February means frost in April. We are too far South to have a frost, but the weather sure turned cooler and rainy on the same dates we had thunder in Feb. Pretty neat.

I juiced some of the oranges I picked from the tree. MMMM Soo good to have FRESH juice. No additives. No preservatives. All natural.

Think I might have to have another sip.

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