Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's working

My recycling containers are filling up! My outgoing trash has literally been cut in half. Even the kids are getting in on it. Baby steps.

All I know is the paper adds up rather quickly. Bills, junk mail, newspaper, ads, scraps of paper, and all the cardboard. Wow!

I finally picked all the oranges off the tree. It's about time, because the tree already bloomed for NEXT years crop. WOW. In about 6 more months I'll be eating oranges off the tree again. Rich trimmed the lower branches while we were out there. I was dripping with sweat. The humidity is so draining and it's like being in a sauna all the time. Blah!

My coupons are clipped and my lists are made. I nearly fainted when I saw the price of gas today. By the summer, they are predicting it to be 4.00 a gallon. Somebody. STOP. This.

Might be time to dust off those roller skates hahahaha

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