Monday, April 21, 2008

would you, could you, do you?

Well? I'm talking about recycling. Do you?

I had a light bulb moment the other day. Daniel constantly says he has to empty the trash too much. He's right. So I started looking at what we toss out daily.

Wow! Amazing. Have you looking? Seriously. Go look. NOW!

Where you as shocked as I was? I'm guessing about half of our trash can either be composted or recycled. HALF.

We have a roving recycling truck that goes around to different areas of the city. My plan is to start small with plastic and paper and go from there.

I'm driving my kids crazy checking the bottoms of plastic containers. haha. I bought a metal trash can, heavy duty liners and I"m ready to go. Many water bottles, milk jugs, coke bottles and a lotion bottle. That's just in a few days too.

Paper? Amazing. The junk mail alone will keep me running to the recycling truck weekly. And boxes - cereal, mac n cheese, stroudels, waffles, card board, scrap paper, phone books. It adds up quick.

A compost pile is also being looked into. I'm researching and talking to people who currently have a compost pile. So interesting learning new things.

Next, I'm looking into a hybrid vehicle. I don't see the cost of gas coming down anytime soon. Not that I'm running out to get one.. just checking into them. Another interesting thing to learn about. When it's time to replace my current vehicle I'll be able to purchase one.

We were able to get the plants in the ground over the weekend. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalopenos, banana peppers, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, and early peas. My muscles are screaming. The weather has been beautiful and I have enjoyed being outside. I'm afraid its short-lived. The temperatures and rising and the humidity is climbing. Summer is just around the corner.

So.. do you recycle all you can? It really doesn't take much effort and every little bit helps. Seriously.

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Sheri said...

You should call my mom...she has always had a compost pile...Granddaddy was in the newspaper many years ago for being one of the only oranic gardeners in the City..He had a HUGE compost pile.....Also, If you need a list of locations for the Roving Truck- its on the city website. If you have any other questions- you can call TEAM green! They have a lot of information on recyling.