Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3.79 and rising

Yup, gas is 3.79. This is insane!

I got Kudo's with hubby's boss for finding him just the information he was needing by using my internet skillz LOL If only he knew!

My garden is growing.

My BIL is selling shrimp by the chest-full.

My chickens are laying and laying and laying eggs.


I was able to visit with my friend on Monday.. and it was a GOOD visit. I so needed that "connection" with an OLD friend. We are really so much alike in our thinking!

Work is keeping me busy.

I cannot wait for summer so the kids can slow down and things will be little calmer around here :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

eggs abound!

Sarah picked 20 eggs yesterday! 20! In a DAY! Amazing.

We dug our first "patch" of potatoes on Sunday. MMMM good eating! All my plants in the garden have blooms or are starting to produce veggies!

Gas was 3.79 over the weekend. Daniel and I went into town (yes, we say it that way in the south) and the roads were bare. I heard more people are staying home and celebrating with BBQs and family - as it should be! Maybe the gas crunch will slow lifestyles down and get people back to important things...

Friday, May 23, 2008

My day

This morning I showered and was all ready to go to the neighbor's for coffee.

She was leaving to go out of town.


So... I gathered my things and headed to the Dollar Store to get graduation cards.

Swung by the bank to cash in the loose change I save in a coffee tin. 20.00!

Skipped on over to Starbucks where I grabbed myself a Mocha, some "nibblers", and a table. I spread out my binder, stack of coupons, planner, and card. Then, I got to work!

1. Wrote out my cards and checks.
2. Clipped and filled all my coupons.
3. Yacked on the phone with my mother.
4. Texted Oldest child.
5. Enjoyed my coffee, my nibblers, and MY TIME ALONE.

Then I headed to Kroger where I proceeded to pay 124.00 for 200.00 worth of groceries that were packed in my "green" reusable bags.

Zipped over to McDonald's for my FREE Southern Chicken Sandwich and an order of fries - lunch was 1.09! The sammie is NOT worth 2.97 they will be charging! Blech!

Headed home to unload, eat, and rest!

What a day - and I loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

20 yrs in the making


What a journey! And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

You had my heart the first night I met you.

We became one on this day 20 yrs ago!

I am looking forward to making many new memories with you.

Love Always,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gumping it

My bro-in-law has started testing the waters with shrimping.

He bought a boat, the necessary stuff, and launched.

Opening day was last week where his boat is docked. He sold over 600 pounds of shrimp.

This week he sold over 400 pounds of shrimp.

I'm amazed at the amounts people buy - 100 pounds, 50 pounds, 200 pounds!

Both times he could have sold more if he would have had it. Amazing.

Good, fresh Gulf Shrimp.

Life is good... in the South!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sun, sun, sun

Whew. I got some sun today. I mowed and the sun was out full force. It wasn't HOT.. the wind was blowing.. but man the sun! The skin on my arm is really tight and I'm so drained, worn out. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel a little more energetic. It's been awhile, due to the medication I take, that I've allowed myself to be out in the sun. I don't tan like I use to. I get really red and red fast. And it's blotchy. Because of this, I'm really white LOL. the sun felt so good and it really wasn't hot, so I didn't notice just how much sun I got.

I'm about to hit the hay. I've alreayd napped on the couch and the bed is calling. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm sure tonight I'll zonk out.

Let's hope this coming week is a lot less stressful from last week. Seems everyone was having a week from hell last week.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

To eat or to drive?

Have you checked the prices of food lately? Seems like everyone is looking towards gas prices. Groceries are sky rocketing too. If you can get to the store, will you be able to afford the prices of the food?

Gas is 3.69 a gallon.

These are some things that jumped out at me today while in the store:

Grapes - 3.49 a pound

Bell pepper - 1.49 each

Poptarts - 1.88 a box

kraft mayo 3.33 container

Milk - 3.69 gallon

I am so glad I clip coupons!! I know a lot of people say they can get store brand for less. Can you, really? What about quality? I use to be one of those people. Now? My cabinets are filled with name brand foods at less than most people pay for store brand.

The kids were so glad to hear I was going grocery shopping today. It's been two weeks they claimed there was NOTHING in the house to eat. hahaha

I bought 241.00 worth of groceries and paid 181.00. That's a 60.00 savings on food! I was able to snag some things for free after coupons too! Gotta love those double and triple coupons c0upled with sales.

I also get just about everything at the grocery store - cat food/dog food, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products, soap, cleaners, detergent, and toothpaste. And trust me, it's cheaper than you pay at.... at... WALMART. Yup. Most people tend to think just because it's Walmart they are saving. Not true.

It also helps that we have chickens for eggs, a garden for fresh veggies, and I work from home and hubby works less than 5 minutes from the house.

Son and friend entered a gaming tournament today. They did their best and unfortunately they were eliminated early on. It was for a good cause and they got their feet wet. They were able to meet some great gamer and received some great goodies just for entering. Great lessons learned today.

I also brought in my paper/cardboard for recycling. Ahh.. makes me feel so good!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It works!

I awoke this morning to rain.. I went back to sleep.

I awoke at 5 am to wind and rain and lightening. Rain is putting it lightly. Monsoon is more like it. Wind? GUSTS!

I do not like wind. At all. So, I was up early and peeking out the windows. My oldest woke up and chuckled to see me on the couch watching the weather channel. She figured that was where I would be. My kids know me too well.

We walked out on the porch and the rain was pouring off the house straight into my rain barrel! It is full to the brim. Who hoo! Gotta love it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here comes the rain again....

Here are the RedEyes in the hanging baskets on my front porch. They match so well with the chairs I painted. I"m making progress.

Can you tell what this is? It was my Mother's Day present. Yes, I have been asking for one!

It's a rain barrell. Hubby drilled holes in the lid for the water to go into the barrel. He put in a screen to catch leaves and what-nots from getting into the barrel and to stop mosquitos from laying eggs in the water. That hose on the side in the overflow outlet that drains into the white bucket on the side. There is a spigot on the bottom to attach a hose so I can water my plants with rain water. The pressure from the water in the barrell will force it out the hose once I open the spigot. I love it!! It's sitting in the corner where the porch and house meet and make a run off. It's supposed to rain this week. I'm so excited to see it in action!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saving Friday

I was off Friday. Hmm.. so many things I could do. Coffee with the neighbor, lunch with friends, shopping with another, picked up something for supper and headed home. My feet and back were killing me. I did manage to get some super cute shoes, 2 shirts 50%, some earrings that are TOO cute and had a great time with friends all in one day.

This morning I have to go up to the office. I'm about to slip into my new shirt and shoes and feel snazzy. I love getting new stuff. Then it's home work and recoop from yesterday.

Life is good!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just dive in!

You know how your list is loooong and seems you'll never finish? I have learned to break it down and tackle one thing at a time. It will eventually all get crossed off. Maybe not as fast as you would like, but it will get crossed off.

We staked the tomotoe and bell pepper plants. So many flowers in the garden about to explode! Then comes the veggie! Gonna be some good eating if all goes well.

Next, we gathered the materials for a project this weekend. I have to work this weekend. HOpefully, I'll be able to find time to do this project with hubby. I'm really excited.

Then it was compost time. We (I) finally decided on a place to put the composter. Hubby gathered the dirt, placed it in the bottom and I put in the first of the composting materials. Whoo hoo. Then we covered it up with dirt and were done. LOL Yes, it's that easy. I was hoping for more of a celebration - perhaps some whooping and hollering or fireworks. Nothing. Just cover the onion peels and coffee grinds and move on. Oh well. Maybe in the near future we will have more action. I'm just glad it's started and I'm now able to scratch that off my list.

The porch was next. I have one more coat of paint on one chair and I"ll be done. I picked up and put up and moved stuff and cleaned. Looks like folks live here again.

Today I'm taking it easy. I'm about to go water my plants. With all the wind we had yesterday they are so dry and wilted. They will LOVE the rain water I saved just for them.

What are you waiting for? Get to scratching things off that list. I will make you feel soo much better, I promise.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What did you call me?

I guess it's all in how you look at things. Being the optimist that I am, I'll take it as a compliment.

In chatting with a co-worker, I happened to mention that solar panels were on sale and now I could get them. She went on to ask what I'd be using them for. After I explained we'd start small and show the kids how much power things use and branch from there, hopefully one day being totally solar, she looked at me with the strangest look and asked, "Why would you want to do that? Just flip a switch."

The real question is Why would I not want to do it?

Yes, I'm frugal. I don't buy wants, I buy needs. I don't splurge often, but when I do it's a real treat and probably much needed by that time. I clip coupons. I use my own bags at the store. I grow my own garden for fresh-tasting veggies. I raise my own chickens for eggs. I recycle paper. I recycle aluminum. I recycle plastic. I pay my bills online - no stamps, no envelopes. I do my errands on Saturday, and for the most part plan my route ahead of time so no waste of gas. I cook most of my meals from scratch. I take vitamins. I buy as much hormone-free and organic foods as possible. I conserve electricity. I try to use rechargeable batteries when possible.

Having lived thru the hurricane.. I know the importance of having a backup plan. I have one for heat, water, and now I'm working on one for power. Trust me. A fan when there air is stagnant, a radio when there is silence, a way to heat water is a true blessing when you have nothing. A generator? True, there are wonderful. But they only work when you have gas. And when your entire town is shut down and there is no electricity to pump the gas and nobody is able to sell gas, that generator ain't doing you much good now, is it?

It's more than that tho. I want my kids to see the importance of preserving what we do have on this Earth. To appreciate all that God has given us and to use it to the best of our ability, to be able to survive and provide if something should happen in their lives -layoffs, illness, disaster, etc. The future IS in the hands of the younger generations. If we don't teach them, who will?

Our country could use the natural resourses we have - wind, sun, and water - to power more things. If we did that, the electric companies would not be making the millions of dollars they are. Keeping folks dependent on them is their way of ensuring a future for themselves.

I'm sure in time more and more people will get tired of forking over hard earned cash for gas and electricity. Not to mention food - which has gone up by 8% in the past year alone!

I've never been one to follow. I'm a leader. And I never was one to go by the standard; always thinking outside the box. Always rocking the boat, pushing the limits. I march to my own drum and really don't care what others think.

My neighbor and I were talking about recycling. I offered them to put their plastic in my bin if they were so inclined for a month so they could see just how much they lessened their outgoing trash. He just laughed and said, "What are you, a tree hugger now?"

Guess that's a good thing - a tree hugger I am. I've been called worse!