Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just dive in!

You know how your list is loooong and seems you'll never finish? I have learned to break it down and tackle one thing at a time. It will eventually all get crossed off. Maybe not as fast as you would like, but it will get crossed off.

We staked the tomotoe and bell pepper plants. So many flowers in the garden about to explode! Then comes the veggie! Gonna be some good eating if all goes well.

Next, we gathered the materials for a project this weekend. I have to work this weekend. HOpefully, I'll be able to find time to do this project with hubby. I'm really excited.

Then it was compost time. We (I) finally decided on a place to put the composter. Hubby gathered the dirt, placed it in the bottom and I put in the first of the composting materials. Whoo hoo. Then we covered it up with dirt and were done. LOL Yes, it's that easy. I was hoping for more of a celebration - perhaps some whooping and hollering or fireworks. Nothing. Just cover the onion peels and coffee grinds and move on. Oh well. Maybe in the near future we will have more action. I'm just glad it's started and I'm now able to scratch that off my list.

The porch was next. I have one more coat of paint on one chair and I"ll be done. I picked up and put up and moved stuff and cleaned. Looks like folks live here again.

Today I'm taking it easy. I'm about to go water my plants. With all the wind we had yesterday they are so dry and wilted. They will LOVE the rain water I saved just for them.

What are you waiting for? Get to scratching things off that list. I will make you feel soo much better, I promise.

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