Friday, May 23, 2008

My day

This morning I showered and was all ready to go to the neighbor's for coffee.

She was leaving to go out of town.


So... I gathered my things and headed to the Dollar Store to get graduation cards.

Swung by the bank to cash in the loose change I save in a coffee tin. 20.00!

Skipped on over to Starbucks where I grabbed myself a Mocha, some "nibblers", and a table. I spread out my binder, stack of coupons, planner, and card. Then, I got to work!

1. Wrote out my cards and checks.
2. Clipped and filled all my coupons.
3. Yacked on the phone with my mother.
4. Texted Oldest child.
5. Enjoyed my coffee, my nibblers, and MY TIME ALONE.

Then I headed to Kroger where I proceeded to pay 124.00 for 200.00 worth of groceries that were packed in my "green" reusable bags.

Zipped over to McDonald's for my FREE Southern Chicken Sandwich and an order of fries - lunch was 1.09! The sammie is NOT worth 2.97 they will be charging! Blech!

Headed home to unload, eat, and rest!

What a day - and I loved every minute of it.

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