Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sun, sun, sun

Whew. I got some sun today. I mowed and the sun was out full force. It wasn't HOT.. the wind was blowing.. but man the sun! The skin on my arm is really tight and I'm so drained, worn out. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel a little more energetic. It's been awhile, due to the medication I take, that I've allowed myself to be out in the sun. I don't tan like I use to. I get really red and red fast. And it's blotchy. Because of this, I'm really white LOL. the sun felt so good and it really wasn't hot, so I didn't notice just how much sun I got.

I'm about to hit the hay. I've alreayd napped on the couch and the bed is calling. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm sure tonight I'll zonk out.

Let's hope this coming week is a lot less stressful from last week. Seems everyone was having a week from hell last week.


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