Thursday, June 19, 2008

and the bad dream continues...

blah. Hubby informed me that he may have to go yet another week out of town. blah!

While my depression is much much better.. the loneliness is still there. Just not the same with him gone. So... i been filling in the void with friends. Now, when he will come back i'll have to retrain myself to stay home and not run the roads. LOL

Last night was a little office get together... margaritas were flowing.. omgosh, they were so freaking good! I had 4 and then decided to call it quits. thank goodness. When those puppies kicked in... yikes! I drank one recently at a wedding and i quickly remembered why i loved them so! that tingly feeling.. that flushed face.. that overwhelming feeling of attraction i had for my hbby while we were dancing.. YUMMY! I'd like to think he loved it to So when the office called.. i jumped at the chance to visit and drink margaritas with good friends. MMM

Then I was forced to text hubby and tell him about my wonderful yet lonely night. blah!

Oh well.. he mentioned something about bringing a gallon jug home with him on Friday LOLOL

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