Sunday, June 08, 2008

deep thinking

Every now and then I like to toss a question out to my kids that makes them really think. Most of the time this happens in the truck. I dunno, just something to do.

Question was: When you die, how do you think people will remember you?

Sarah: The girl who laughs. A LOT.

And she's right. Sarah loves to laugh. It's not an annoying laugh. Even when I'm mad at her and fussing, if she laughs.. it just warms my heart. She just loves so easily. So innocently. So openly. She's so fresh and genuine. Her laugh is soft and sweet. I hope she always keeps that.

I asked, "How will people remember me?"

Sarah thought for a moment and then looked at me all seriously and said, "The one who always knew the right thing to do. The one with the best advice."

I had to look out the window so I wouldn't cry. Wow. At 13, this is what she comes out with.

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Sheri said...

She is spot on.