Monday, June 02, 2008


What a glorious product freon is. The temps are already in the 90s in Louisiana. We are melting. Already.

We had a new unit put in during the Spring. They filled it with freon but if the temps are not hot enough the freon don't fill up what ever it goes into. All I know is the guy said when the temps get warmer to give them a call and they'd come and make sure we had enough freon to cool in the hot temps.

Guess what? It got hot and I called and today they are here. Apparently my unit was freezing up and he's checking it now and gonna tell me what I need to do - change to a different filter, etc. HOpefully it's something minor and we can be on our merry way. I cannot stand to be hot. We have kept the house totally closed - doors, blinds, shades, heat blocking curtains and even stuffed pillows in the arched windows to block that blasted sun! It's HOT people.

Why oh why do we continue to live in the south???

I want to be cool and not have to sell my son on Ebay LOL

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