Wednesday, June 04, 2008

his voice

Tonight I got to hear my wonderful husband's voice. Music to my ears. In today's world we use technology so much that we take it for granted. He's working in a small town that really only one cell phone provider can actually get out and .. well.. it's not ours LOL We can text while he is at the place he sleeps. While he is at work there is no service. This is very hard. We've been married for 20 yrs and ever since he worked in California he sees now how important constant communication is. I knew at any time I could pick up the phone and call. Just knowing that put me at ease. Now? Texts are very early morning and evenings. Even then they sometimes go thru much later than when he wrote them, so it makes holding a real-time conversation almost impossible. He borrowed a roomies phone and called. He's ready to come home. Too much like when he worked in California. Too far away from his family. I am doing much better this time. I'm in a comfortable house and we are all settled in. It's just keeping up with daily things instead of surviving. I use to think I missed when he worked shiftwork as I got a few days to myself... I prefer him home every night in the bed with ME. Even if he's ZZZZ long before me.

I dunno how long this job is gonna last, but he's already said he wants to take some vacation time when it's done.

HOpefully, Friday he works 1/2 a day!!

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