Monday, June 09, 2008

weed whacking

Since it's close to Father's Day, I figured all the cool tools will be going on sale. I'm wanting to take advantage of the sales to get an electric weedeater. I cannot handle the gas powered one. It vibrates so much that my hands swell, it's awfully heavy and it's a pain to use. I'd like to be able to help Rich around the yard. And much to my surprise, I like working in the yard. I'm hoping to get some landscaping in this fall and want to be able to keep things looking nice, at least in the front yard LOL

And for Rich? I'm looking at a bug zapper for mosquitoes. Hopefully it works as well as the claim. Once the bloodsuckers come out, I go in. But hubby sprays himself from top to bottom and continues on working outside. ICK! I know it won't cure the entire problem.. but to lessen would be nice. Seems since the hurricane the mosquitos have multiplied ten fold.

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Sheri said...

Tonyah had a cordless battery operated weedeater at one time that was SOO light and worked well...something to think about- I'd be scared to cut the cord with the weedeater!