Monday, July 28, 2008

Last, but not least!

Rounding out the bottom, we have Sarah! Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Where do I start? From the beginning! Sarah was concieved on our anniversary and born on Valentine's Day - her actual due date! She just turned 13. Sarah was the only baby I actually sent into labor with. She was also across instead of up and down. I should have known then that it was only the beginning. Sarah cried and cried when she was born. Oh boy, did she cry! Even to this day she still has tummy issues now and again. She was a handful. She was into everything. Not in a bad way, just learning about her world. Sometimes that got her into very deep trouble - like the time she burned her wrist on the bbq pit at a campground. She still has the scars and it breaks my heart to think about it. That same camping trip was when she earned her nick name. "Ty-ty" if the French version of a boogy man/monster. And she was always getting into things, Rich dubbed her Ty-ty. Now we mostly call her Ty for short. And when I say she got into things.. oh lordy! We took a vacation to Colorado. She was 4? We were renting a jeep to drive up the moutain and the kids were feeding the chipmunks. Sarah asked if she could have one. Rich jokingly said, "If you can catch one, you can have it." OMGOSH. She caught one! It squeeled and she let it go, and everyone around her died laughing. She was so madd. Then Rich proceeds to tell her she should have caught it closer to head on the neck! ARGH! We still laugh at that today. She is not allowed to TRY and catch anything.

Animals? That child has such a way with animals. I have never seen anything like it. She can walk up to any animal and pet it. Once, she even brought one of our chickens in the house. I was cooking in the kitchen and there she sat on the floor with the chicken. It was just sitting down with its eyes closed letting her pet it while she talked to me! Often she goes in the chicken pen and just catches a hen cause she can. She carries her around talking so soft and petting it. Sam with her rabbits. She will give them a bath and then blow dry their hair! I kid you not! It is amazing to watch her with animals.

As you can tell, Sarah is a very sensitive girl. She's shy and quiet and very laid back and calm. She don't like the fast-paced world that her sister seems to enjoy. She adores her brother and wants so bad to have a relationship with her older sister (who seems to think that her little sister is annoying).

Sarah is a great helper around the house. She is my baker. She also enjoys helping her dad in the kitchen when he cooks. She often goes with me to the grocery store. By the time she is married, running a house will be second nature to her.

I cannot imagine our lives without Sarah. For such a quiet person, she sure makes a big mark in this world. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

award? for me??

Since I have never received a blog award, pardon my boasting :) Thanks Nicole! I try my best to write how I would tell someone if they were standing in front of me. Most of the time, my fingers get tired before the words stop flowing. I'm glad you enjoy reading here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We are headed out the door.

gps - where am I?

Oh lordy! Rich just fueled my fire with gadgets! He bought a new tractor in Houston and a friend loaned him a gps for the trip. Needless to say, he had to show me and the rest is history! That's the neatest thing. I have had the best time going places LOL Now.. how to convince him we neeeed one of those....

The middle child

And 3 yrs after having our first baby we had our second. Daniel! A boy! All 8 pounds and 6 ounces of him. He was so quiet compared to Jessica. He was calm and he'd rather soak in what was around them instead of jumping in feet first. He had such an imagination from a very early age. By age 3/4 he had discovered Legos and Star Wars. He lived and breathed them. Seriously. He even understood the regression of the Star War's movies as the oldest version coming out first! Ninja turtles were also a fav of his. I remember taking him with me to the dentist when he was 3. He had his bag of toys and sat in the corning of the room and played the entire time. What the dentist was doing to me was the fartherest thing on his mind. When it was time to go he actually asked if we had to! Even to this day he likes his space, his time and will spend hours and hours on the things he likes. Far cry from the girls. He wears his heart on his sleeve and already knows his actions affect other people and is very aware of that. He's a loyal friend. He's had ups and downs like his oldest sister, but he's managed to come out the other side and learn something from it. He is currently in the teen years. You know, when the aliens come and get your loveable child and replace it with some cocky-mouthed, eye-rolling snot! LOL Oh yah.. but he's quick to fall back in line and know how to regain composure. Like his sister, he also found having a job is a good thing to have. He loves money and spends it as soon as it hits his hands. Did I mention he loves milk? A lot. I think he can drink easily 4 gallons in a weeks time. My baby boy is almost 6 feet tall. He towers over his mamma. But he'll always have my heart. Something about those boys and their mammas.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing Jessica.

Shannon over at The Blessed Home Keeper did a series on introducing her kids, so I thought I'd follow along.

Jessica is our oldest and is 19. Yes, we have been married for 20 yrs. She was there for our 1st anniversary! I got pregnant for Jessica just 6 wks after getting married. So, we have basically always had kids.

Jessica is typical of first born children. She can be very bossy. She likes to take over things. She states her mind. She is very strong willed. In her defense, she is very caring. She is a helper and gives openingly and freely without expecting anything in return. She is also very diplomatic when it comes to making decisions. Her heart plays a role in making decisions,,, but she has a way (much like her father) for seeing things very clearly. What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. She is very clear cut with that and I'm very proud of her for that. Being that way has enabled her to make some tough choices in her life. Smart choices too. Choices that I don't know if *I* could have made at the tender age of 19!

Jessica was a quick learn from the start! She popped into this world at 9 pounds 1 ounce after a very long labor. She accomplished all the baby milestones before most kids do. She could talk in complete sentences very early on and could hold a conversation with you. She always smiled, always laughed and pretty much ran the house.

Her brother came along when she was 3. She loved helping. Just about every morning I would wake to them laughing. She would be in the baby bed holding him sitting up between her legs with his back to her chest. They would "rock" in the bed and she would sing to him. He loved it! More times than not she had already changed his diaper too!

She made friends easily and still has many of the same friends today. She did well in school. She rarely gave us trouble. She's a good kid. She listens to her parents advice, tosses it around and makes decisions based on her head, heart and soul. She's not one to make a quick decision with serious stuff. She never wants to disappoint her father. She likes to follow the pack, but will do her own thing when she feels the desire. She has had her heart broken and picked up the pieces. She's learning lessons of life and I'm so glad she shares these things with us. She still likes to hang with her siblings and for the most part with us - if were are doing something cool. She does not like to be idle. She works, goes to school and pretty much pays her own way in life. She's more mature than most of the people her age. She hangs out with a good group of kids.

I've learned a lot from her. We were blessed to have her first.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making time

I've been sitting in my recliner with the laptop surfing, emailing, reading blogs, myspaces, and getting caught up with friends. Whew. We lead busy cyber lives. I have to admit, recently I have met some wonderful women that I never would have known existed had it not been for the internet. :)

Why am I sitting in my recliner?? I know, I know.. i'm usuall up and doing all the things that don't get done cause I"m working my fingers to the bone during the day. Well.. the day before yesterday I started feeling bad. Actually, the puffiness started the week I went for 'ritas. The salt, ya know. Then I ate watermelon with salt. And I normally don't salt things. I cook with salt, but never add it after it's on my plate. So the day before yesterday I started with puffy feet not going away, a headache and pressure in my head. I figured it was the heat and wth Rich gone I don't go outside much cause it's too hot! And I have been working a lot lately. Then it dawned on me that my meds have a fluid pill in them and I haven't been "going" like normal. Hmm.. Today the head was still pounding and feeling like i was 1000 feet under the sea. Not normal.

I decided to pop over to Kmart to try the blood pressure machine. YIKES! I dunno what the top number was, but the bottom was screaming 114. Now, working in the medical field.. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I high-tailed it to my doctor. Everyone gone except for the clerks. GRR. Head to urgent care. On yah.. it was down to 100 now.. and then to 98! The doctor was very nice and calmed my fears and told me to doubleup on my meds to get some of the fluid out, watch my bp over the next few days and see my doctor so he can adjust my meds should this be an ongoing problem and not just due to my eating salt, getting too much take out and sucking down coffee since my hunny is not here to slap my hand and keep me walking a straight line LOL

So, I was elevating my feet in the chair and catching up on everyone.

I have been staring at my kombucha tea every chance I get. And it was not doing anything. The big one looked like a stingray floating around with the "wings" dipping into the tea. Hmm. Nothing was happening. Even a seamonkey would have been exciting at this point. Nodda.

Today? There is a film covering the tea now! A baby!!!! So, I guess it's working. Saturday will be day 5 and i can sample it. I have green tea and then green and raspberry tea. I have a few friends who seem interesting in sampling some. Maybe they'll take a baby and make their own! Spread the love.

morphed meals

This morning I was thinking of ways to use up the bread I made yesterday since the kids prefer wheat and the one I made is white. Hmm.. think, think, think.


Mocha coffee from my "mix". French toast made with fresh eggs, homemade bread with a dusting of powdered shuga and a drizzle of syrup after being pan-fried in real butta!

If only the camera worked. You'll have to trust me when I say it was as pretty as it was delish!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

on, off, low and rise! *updated*

My hunny is back working out of town this week. Next week he should be home. For good. Hopefully! He sent me a text asking what to do for heat stroke. I thought maybe it was someone on the job site. So I rattled off things I knew off the top of my head. Then he tells me it's HIM and he almost passed out driving himself back to the cabin and thought he was going to die.

HELLO?? Why is he driving alone???? MEN! I was furious. I begged him to let me go get him, but in is usual fashion of "i'll be okay" he said he'd check in often and was going to take a shower to cool off. GRRRR. For some strange reason he feels like he'll be able to work tomorrow. HOW can I take care of him if he is on the other end of the state??? He has always been a big water drinker.. it's just freaking HOT in the South. I've already said a prayer. Hopefully, he'll use his head and rest again tomorrow.

I kneaded some dough and it's rising. Fresh bread and soup for supper since we have had all this rain. The soup is great. HUGE pot. I really need to cut back on my cooking portions. My bread turned out golden brown and was airy and oh so good. For some reason the kids didn't find it as wonderful as I did. Then it dawned on me... they do not like white bread. We only eat wheat here and this was a white loaf. Ahhh.. I'll have no problem eating it LOL I"ll pick up some wheat flour next time I go to the store. It was really neat to do some baking. I use to stay home full time and often did things like this. I miss it.. but I do love my job.

I'm feeling rather domestic today! Can you tell??

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What i hear...

I hear sisters giggling with bursts of belly laughing while playing guitar hero in their brother's room while he is gone. I hear their girly voices trying to sing and stay on key. I hear them smiling. I hear them bonding. I hear them making memories to last a lifetime.

Sisters. Forever.