Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing Jessica.

Shannon over at The Blessed Home Keeper did a series on introducing her kids, so I thought I'd follow along.

Jessica is our oldest and is 19. Yes, we have been married for 20 yrs. She was there for our 1st anniversary! I got pregnant for Jessica just 6 wks after getting married. So, we have basically always had kids.

Jessica is typical of first born children. She can be very bossy. She likes to take over things. She states her mind. She is very strong willed. In her defense, she is very caring. She is a helper and gives openingly and freely without expecting anything in return. She is also very diplomatic when it comes to making decisions. Her heart plays a role in making decisions,,, but she has a way (much like her father) for seeing things very clearly. What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. She is very clear cut with that and I'm very proud of her for that. Being that way has enabled her to make some tough choices in her life. Smart choices too. Choices that I don't know if *I* could have made at the tender age of 19!

Jessica was a quick learn from the start! She popped into this world at 9 pounds 1 ounce after a very long labor. She accomplished all the baby milestones before most kids do. She could talk in complete sentences very early on and could hold a conversation with you. She always smiled, always laughed and pretty much ran the house.

Her brother came along when she was 3. She loved helping. Just about every morning I would wake to them laughing. She would be in the baby bed holding him sitting up between her legs with his back to her chest. They would "rock" in the bed and she would sing to him. He loved it! More times than not she had already changed his diaper too!

She made friends easily and still has many of the same friends today. She did well in school. She rarely gave us trouble. She's a good kid. She listens to her parents advice, tosses it around and makes decisions based on her head, heart and soul. She's not one to make a quick decision with serious stuff. She never wants to disappoint her father. She likes to follow the pack, but will do her own thing when she feels the desire. She has had her heart broken and picked up the pieces. She's learning lessons of life and I'm so glad she shares these things with us. She still likes to hang with her siblings and for the most part with us - if were are doing something cool. She does not like to be idle. She works, goes to school and pretty much pays her own way in life. She's more mature than most of the people her age. She hangs out with a good group of kids.

I've learned a lot from her. We were blessed to have her first.

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Cajunchic said...

Jessica sounds like a great girl and much like my Monkey who is my first born.