Monday, July 28, 2008

Last, but not least!

Rounding out the bottom, we have Sarah! Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Where do I start? From the beginning! Sarah was concieved on our anniversary and born on Valentine's Day - her actual due date! She just turned 13. Sarah was the only baby I actually sent into labor with. She was also across instead of up and down. I should have known then that it was only the beginning. Sarah cried and cried when she was born. Oh boy, did she cry! Even to this day she still has tummy issues now and again. She was a handful. She was into everything. Not in a bad way, just learning about her world. Sometimes that got her into very deep trouble - like the time she burned her wrist on the bbq pit at a campground. She still has the scars and it breaks my heart to think about it. That same camping trip was when she earned her nick name. "Ty-ty" if the French version of a boogy man/monster. And she was always getting into things, Rich dubbed her Ty-ty. Now we mostly call her Ty for short. And when I say she got into things.. oh lordy! We took a vacation to Colorado. She was 4? We were renting a jeep to drive up the moutain and the kids were feeding the chipmunks. Sarah asked if she could have one. Rich jokingly said, "If you can catch one, you can have it." OMGOSH. She caught one! It squeeled and she let it go, and everyone around her died laughing. She was so madd. Then Rich proceeds to tell her she should have caught it closer to head on the neck! ARGH! We still laugh at that today. She is not allowed to TRY and catch anything.

Animals? That child has such a way with animals. I have never seen anything like it. She can walk up to any animal and pet it. Once, she even brought one of our chickens in the house. I was cooking in the kitchen and there she sat on the floor with the chicken. It was just sitting down with its eyes closed letting her pet it while she talked to me! Often she goes in the chicken pen and just catches a hen cause she can. She carries her around talking so soft and petting it. Sam with her rabbits. She will give them a bath and then blow dry their hair! I kid you not! It is amazing to watch her with animals.

As you can tell, Sarah is a very sensitive girl. She's shy and quiet and very laid back and calm. She don't like the fast-paced world that her sister seems to enjoy. She adores her brother and wants so bad to have a relationship with her older sister (who seems to think that her little sister is annoying).

Sarah is a great helper around the house. She is my baker. She also enjoys helping her dad in the kitchen when he cooks. She often goes with me to the grocery store. By the time she is married, running a house will be second nature to her.

I cannot imagine our lives without Sarah. For such a quiet person, she sure makes a big mark in this world. :)

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Patti and Bobbi's Excellent Adventures said...

I stumbled onto your post this morning and it's great! You've been doing it so long. My sister and I are having a great time with ours, but we're new at it. We have ALOT to learn.
Thanks for the great reads. I'll be back to re-visit!