Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making time

I've been sitting in my recliner with the laptop surfing, emailing, reading blogs, myspaces, and getting caught up with friends. Whew. We lead busy cyber lives. I have to admit, recently I have met some wonderful women that I never would have known existed had it not been for the internet. :)

Why am I sitting in my recliner?? I know, I know.. i'm usuall up and doing all the things that don't get done cause I"m working my fingers to the bone during the day. Well.. the day before yesterday I started feeling bad. Actually, the puffiness started the week I went for 'ritas. The salt, ya know. Then I ate watermelon with salt. And I normally don't salt things. I cook with salt, but never add it after it's on my plate. So the day before yesterday I started with puffy feet not going away, a headache and pressure in my head. I figured it was the heat and wth Rich gone I don't go outside much cause it's too hot! And I have been working a lot lately. Then it dawned on me that my meds have a fluid pill in them and I haven't been "going" like normal. Hmm.. Today the head was still pounding and feeling like i was 1000 feet under the sea. Not normal.

I decided to pop over to Kmart to try the blood pressure machine. YIKES! I dunno what the top number was, but the bottom was screaming 114. Now, working in the medical field.. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I high-tailed it to my doctor. Everyone gone except for the clerks. GRR. Head to urgent care. On yah.. it was down to 100 now.. and then to 98! The doctor was very nice and calmed my fears and told me to doubleup on my meds to get some of the fluid out, watch my bp over the next few days and see my doctor so he can adjust my meds should this be an ongoing problem and not just due to my eating salt, getting too much take out and sucking down coffee since my hunny is not here to slap my hand and keep me walking a straight line LOL

So, I was elevating my feet in the chair and catching up on everyone.

I have been staring at my kombucha tea every chance I get. And it was not doing anything. The big one looked like a stingray floating around with the "wings" dipping into the tea. Hmm. Nothing was happening. Even a seamonkey would have been exciting at this point. Nodda.

Today? There is a film covering the tea now! A baby!!!! So, I guess it's working. Saturday will be day 5 and i can sample it. I have green tea and then green and raspberry tea. I have a few friends who seem interesting in sampling some. Maybe they'll take a baby and make their own! Spread the love.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of making green tea kombucha and raspberry kombucha but I never thought of making green-raspberry kombucha. I'll have to try it out.

Cajunchic said...

Yea for kombucha babies!!! So what exactly does kombucha tea taste like? The pictures I have seen of the process make me leery for trying to drink it. Does it have any health benefits?

PSST> there is something for you on my blog.

Rachel said...

It's like mildly carbonated apple cider. Kinda tart, kinda sweet. Really good tho. I'm not too sure about my raspberry tea. I only made a small batch of the green tea and it is gone LOL The raspberry never got fizzy and it's not too tart.... Maybe after it sits a few days?

Anonymous said...

I do mine by the continuous brew method. The initital lot took about 8 days I think but then after that I have just been taking some out and topping it up every day or two. It has got that it brews very fast now presumably because of all the stuff at he bottom which never get's taken out. I tried a small batch of raspberry using 1.5 quarts of water, 1/2 cup of sugar, two regular tea bags and two raspberry/cranberry ones (I'm in the UK so we don't have the "Raspberry Zinger" which Stephanie uses). I hooked a bit of SCOBY out of my continuous brew and scooped 1/2 a cup of stuff from the bottom to put in and it brewed in a couple of days. I did like the raspberry flavour but only as an occasional thing as I prefer the tartness of the regular stuff.

Rachel said...

Saved Sinner, not sure if you got my reply back in email. I put a piece of ginger in the bottled green tea - not sure if that helped with the carbonation or if it was just naturally fizzy. Do you use green tea or black tea?

Anonymous said...

I usually use black but I may try a batch of green to see what it's like. Mine usually turns out slightly fizzy but not very. Does the ginger make it taste of ginger at all? (My husband loves ginger.)

Rachel said...

Hm.. not sure as I drank it in a matter of days LOL Bottle him up a glass and stick a chunk of ginger in it. It sure tasted good, that's for sure!