Saturday, July 26, 2008

The middle child

And 3 yrs after having our first baby we had our second. Daniel! A boy! All 8 pounds and 6 ounces of him. He was so quiet compared to Jessica. He was calm and he'd rather soak in what was around them instead of jumping in feet first. He had such an imagination from a very early age. By age 3/4 he had discovered Legos and Star Wars. He lived and breathed them. Seriously. He even understood the regression of the Star War's movies as the oldest version coming out first! Ninja turtles were also a fav of his. I remember taking him with me to the dentist when he was 3. He had his bag of toys and sat in the corning of the room and played the entire time. What the dentist was doing to me was the fartherest thing on his mind. When it was time to go he actually asked if we had to! Even to this day he likes his space, his time and will spend hours and hours on the things he likes. Far cry from the girls. He wears his heart on his sleeve and already knows his actions affect other people and is very aware of that. He's a loyal friend. He's had ups and downs like his oldest sister, but he's managed to come out the other side and learn something from it. He is currently in the teen years. You know, when the aliens come and get your loveable child and replace it with some cocky-mouthed, eye-rolling snot! LOL Oh yah.. but he's quick to fall back in line and know how to regain composure. Like his sister, he also found having a job is a good thing to have. He loves money and spends it as soon as it hits his hands. Did I mention he loves milk? A lot. I think he can drink easily 4 gallons in a weeks time. My baby boy is almost 6 feet tall. He towers over his mamma. But he'll always have my heart. Something about those boys and their mammas.

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