Tuesday, July 15, 2008

on, off, low and rise! *updated*

My hunny is back working out of town this week. Next week he should be home. For good. Hopefully! He sent me a text asking what to do for heat stroke. I thought maybe it was someone on the job site. So I rattled off things I knew off the top of my head. Then he tells me it's HIM and he almost passed out driving himself back to the cabin and thought he was going to die.

HELLO?? Why is he driving alone???? MEN! I was furious. I begged him to let me go get him, but in is usual fashion of "i'll be okay" he said he'd check in often and was going to take a shower to cool off. GRRRR. For some strange reason he feels like he'll be able to work tomorrow. HOW can I take care of him if he is on the other end of the state??? He has always been a big water drinker.. it's just freaking HOT in the South. I've already said a prayer. Hopefully, he'll use his head and rest again tomorrow.

I kneaded some dough and it's rising. Fresh bread and soup for supper since we have had all this rain. The soup is great. HUGE pot. I really need to cut back on my cooking portions. My bread turned out golden brown and was airy and oh so good. For some reason the kids didn't find it as wonderful as I did. Then it dawned on me... they do not like white bread. We only eat wheat here and this was a white loaf. Ahhh.. I'll have no problem eating it LOL I"ll pick up some wheat flour next time I go to the store. It was really neat to do some baking. I use to stay home full time and often did things like this. I miss it.. but I do love my job.

I'm feeling rather domestic today! Can you tell??

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