Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Ugh, the wind is howling. The chairs on the front porch have been blown around and my metal bucket blew off. HOpefully it's not far and not beat up. I don't mind the rain.. it's the wind I can do without. Seriously.

I'm gonna be tired tomorrow. Very tired.


Sheri said...

I was thinking about you during the weather! I was camped out at the police department at the City Command Center from 6pm to 2am last night- then back to work this morning- and just got home!

Rachel said...

What were you doing there? you came home just before it got bad LOL

Sheri said...

I was there as Public Works Point of Contact for the storm- I took the first shift- not thinking I would have to come home during the bad weather- however; I got home JUST before it got too bad.....I was off today...had to take Tay to the doctor-so I didnt get paid overtime for the shift-just didnt have to use sick or vacation for today- worked out really good - since she has to go back to the doctor on Friday.....Staph.