Sunday, August 24, 2008

bonko night

Today is looking good. Church, grocery shopping, and some more cleaning. I just have a few things to put up and dust really. Bathrooms will be cleaned tomorrow, so I"m good to go.

I've been playing bonko fo 16 yrs. Wow. It's a dice game. There are 8 of us. Bonko varies so much from group to group.. so I won't get into the details of how we play. But it is a lot of fun and everyone has a good time. The "host" makes the main meal and everyone brings preassigned things. The preassigned list rotates so you don't always bring the same thing - chips, dips, drinks, veggies and desserts. So we will always have those and then the main meat dish.

Rich loves to cook, so he usually cooks for me. I think he'll be off on the other side of the state again, so that means the cooking falls on me. Yikes! The bonko girls love when he cooks. So as to not disappoint them, he's cooking today so it will do it today and then all I have to do is heat is up. Awww.. he's so sweet! I'm fixing nachos. Pretty basic, quick and easy. But considering it's soo darn HOT outside.. nachos sound really good. Besides.. when you have all the yummy "trimmings" to go with it.. it really makes it delish!

Time to scoot - church and grocery shopping this morning. Enjoy your day!


Melanie said...

We play this too but we call it Bunko or Bunco!

Heather said...

You've been more productive than me! My house looks like a tornado hit it right now.

We also call this "Bunko." I was invited to join a league once, but I didn't. As I told my husband, I'm just not a joiner. I prefer to stay home and read a book.

Rachel said...

I am a hermit too! Once, hubby was out of town hunting for a week and I never left the house! When he drove up she came over and asked if anything was wrong cause we had been gone so suddenly. LOL The kids make me get out with needing this or that. Other than that, I'd never leave! I do enjoy my group - it meets once a month and it's great to visit, laugh and socialize since I now work and don't get to see them on a daily basis like I use to :)

Shannon said...

How are you lady! Just popped in to say howdy do.