Sunday, August 10, 2008


or wetting a hook, as my husband calls it is what we'll be going later once this hot, hot Louisiana sun goes down some. Egads, it's HOT people.

I was off Friday so I drug kids around shopping. Finished up school shopping!

Saturday, I tried to rest up. Alas, I was forced to enter the dreaded.. walmart. Blech! I do not like that store. But, they had what I needed and I was in and out in a flash.

Then it was off to my sisters for a Bday party. It was nice to all sit around and visit. It was hot.. but not too bad. I really enjoyed that. Drop D off at work and Sarah and I hit the mall again. She left with 2 things. That's IT!

This morning it was church and lunch with the kids while Rich did some bushhogging. Then it was home for nap. MMM. Now i'm waiting on the sun to go down and the fun to begin!

Tomorrow is work.. I soo need a vacation!!

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