Saturday, August 02, 2008

it's my chance...

You know when you get married and you gaze into the future and see you and your spouse reaching your dreams. I'm having that moment.

A marriage is hard to describe. It's full of emotion. Ups and downs and struggles and successes. I always believed you should support each other to obtain your dreams and goals. Shouldn't you be each other's cheering squad and supporting, and that soft place to land?? I cannot tell you how many times my husband has been there for me. To vacationing with the "girls" to holding me when I cry and demand to know the why's about what is afficting me at that moment. He's always been there.

Now it's my turn. When I heard how happy he was tonight.. I was so happy FOR him. I cannot wait until the gets back so he can share his trip with me. I tried not to ask too many questions LOL I want to give him something to tell me when he gets home.

When we dated, he had an uncle who he just looked up to so much. His uncle is what is called a "mud man". He goes on drilling rigs and tests the mud and knowns how much of what chemical to add to get the drilling done. My hubby had a strong desire to go into the oil field. But being a soon-to-be husband and wanting kids right away he put that on hold. I watched his uncle and aunt divorce. The strain of him being away for days on end was too much. We often talked about how glad we were that he didn't go into that field afterall.

Fast forward 20 years! My husband is at the end of the Earth (actually, Louisiana) and then he's 100 miles out in the Gulf, on a rig. He's not a mud man, but he's doing something very similar. He's enjoying every minute of his trip and I'm sure he's just glowing! He talked about watching the sun set in the Gulf.. the wind and the rain, the food, the men, the rig, the boat to get there... I have never heard him talk so much LOL I'm so happy for him.

I don't like him being gone. I"m selfish. I want him home with us. But I'm glad he's having this experience. It shouldn't happen to often for him to go out on a rig, or this far away.. so I can deal with it for a few days. I'm just so happy he's finally getting to see what it's all about :)

And I cannot wait for him to get back! He's called twice from the rig to tell me all is okay and it just melts my heart that he loves us so much he doesn't want us to worry about him. We are suture use to talking several times a day on the cell, so I know he's lonesome too.

I'm glad he's able to do this. Enjoy, Love!


Melanie said...

How ironic, my husband is a Mud Man, lol! He was a mud engineer for Baroid/Halliburton for years. He's now an office man though.

Amanda said...

Aw, it sucks when your hubby's away. It's good that he's doing what he loves, but it's still no fun for you. I don't even like when Ryan has to work at nights :) !