Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let the prayers begin, please!


Uh, this is not looking too good. Anyone up north have a spare room or two?

From what I'm finding on the web, this is a strong CAT 2 already... by Sunday it should be a CAT 3.

Someone reserve my room in the nut house.. I don't think I can go through this again without going coo-coo. Seriously.


BSumner said...

Holy crap!

Start driving north! By the time you get to Boston we can watch it on TV together.


Melanie said...

I just had three friends call me about the storm today. I really hope it doesn't come this way. We'd probably stay for a cat 3, but if it's a 4 or more we're outta here. As to WHERE we'd go, I haven't a clue!! Houston probably. Husband has a few connections there.

Rachel said...

I may take you up on that offer!! LOL

Melanie.. get your plan of action going. You would seriously stay for a cat 3??? yikes! The storm surge was not far from my house with the Cat 2 we had in 2005... I don't want to think of a cat 5 and what it could bring.

Milehimama said...

I'm not north, but I'm in Houston and you are more than welcome!

I really mean that, BTW. We're keeping an eye on the storm, too. We are in Houston but 60 miles from the coast.

Melanie said...

Bad weather doesn't scare me, so I guess I don't see a 3 as being *that* bad! Even though I know it is! LOL! We are pretty high, so I don't think flooding is a problem for us. The worst would be no electricity for days with 2 small kids. We do have reservations in Lafayette just in case though! I'm more worried about my dad in Morgan City since he is all alone, and M.C. is a possible direct hit.

Rachel said...


All depends on where it makes landfall and which side of that you are on. To the East side is really bad. Lots of tornados. I'm about 50 miles up from the Gulf of Mexico and with Katrina the waters came much higher than I thought they would - Katrina made landfall between Tx and La. CAT 3 has winds up to 130 mph.. that's structural damage speed. I saw Lilly hit and rip Lafayette apart. I'm an hour away and we saw blue skies and clouds that day!

I'm a to-each-their-own kinda person. But after going through Katrina and seeing the destruction it left - including destroying my home - and to think my husband wanted to stay???

Then it goes into I have kids.. and I don't want to put them in danger..

Now, add to the fact that I don't like WIND... not good LOL

It seems to be headed towards the other end of the state.. my prayers are going out to them.

Guess this should have been a post in itself.. maybe I'll do that next!

Sheri said...

lol Rach, you didn't go thru KATRINA- you went thru RITA! See what Gustav is doing to you?

Rachel said...

I have Katrina on the brain since it was the 3-yr anniversary.. Yes, we went thru Rita!!