Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday doings

I'm off today so I'm trying to play catchup on the housework. So far I've picked up and put up, cleaned the fridge and the freezer, done a dozen or so dishes, loaded the dishwasher and checked email. Hey, cleaning is hard work!

I have Bonko Monday night and I'm still at a loss as what to cook. blah! I want something easy as I have to work. Usually Richard helps me, but I think he will be out of town, again. Double blah!

My files are all set up now in the filing cabinet and cleaning today was much easier because of it. I had a stack of papers I just didn't know what to do with and tada - they are now filed. Richard had to leave this morning around 5 to go out of town for work and he didn't have to wake me to find out where the papers were that he needed. He was tickled. And he knows where to find/put the papers in the future. Yeah!

I'm wanting/needing to make some more yogurt. That stuff is so good. I really need to freeze the "starter" that I have so that in the future I can just pull it out and make it as I need it.

It's time to make my menu for the week. Richard stopped at our favorite grocery store on his way home. We don't have them here - HEB. Gotta love a man who loves saving money too. Lots and lots for so little $. He's on his way home and says he's cooking ribs tonight. YUMMY. Gotta love a man who can cook too.

It's time to tackle the paper monster growing on the bar. yes, there is a bar under there.. somewhere.

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