Friday, August 29, 2008

uh, ehh,, yeah.. something like that

My brain is frozen - or fried!

So far I have:

Purchased extra food, toiletries and water for people and pets.

Filled up the truck. *GASP*

Got my filing box and have my important papers in there.

Packed my jewelry, some photos, etc.

Did laundry.

Watched the tv channel.

Passed information on to family/friends.

Secured plans for leaving.

I'm about to go clean out my truck. We have a tahoe now, so not room like in a suburban. We are watching the storm and depending on where it makes landfall that will tell us to go or stay. In the meantime, you have to be prepared to do both.

The lines at the gas station are incredible. The stores are packed. I am so thanksful that I keep a good supply of groceries/water/personal items in abundance that those things will not cost up extra and I can rest easy.

The boards are cut for the windows and labeled. Extra gas has been purchased for if we come back and need it. The generator works. The water well works. We should be set. I'm taking my computer to the office Sunday or Monday for protection. The icechests are filled with ice to cool them down and we'll top them off if need be before leaving. I will take my freezer stuff - cannot let homemade sausage go to waste, people! I lost shrimp last time.. not gonna happen again if I have to cook them in a hotel room in an electric skillet! hahaha

It's time to bring one to be with a friend, one is at work and the other is gone out. Soo.. maybe Rich and I will get some quality time before things get rolling.

If it comes our way and we leave, we plan on putting our extra vehicles, tractors, 4-wheelers, etc., on our land north of here so they will be okay.

If we are a direct hit or wiped out like 3 yrs ago... my ass is going on vacation and not sitting around glued to the TV HAHAHAHA!~

Take care yall! time to get some more stuff done - who knew it would take this long. My advice is have a list.. if you don't.. make one this time and keep it! It really comes in handy when you cannot think and are panicing!!


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Sheri said...

Glad you have everything ready! We will be finishing up stuff around here tomorrow-and then mom and the kids will hit the road- and Topee and I will go to work.....I have to ride this one out! So, I'll be in town- if you need any information from home- you have my cell number!