Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's cooking?

The other day I used a crockpot method of making homemade yogurt. YUCK!

Today I'm trying the recipe on HillBilly Housewifes site. Everything I have tried on her site has turned out wonderfully. No complaints. I dunno why I didn't turn to her first for yogurt.

Anyhoo, my yogurt is in the oven and I just peeked and it seems to be coming along nicely!! I cannot wait to try some. I have about 3 hours or "curing" left and then to let it chill down on the icebox. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow?

** The yogurt is done and it's great!! I added some frozen blueberries to it and MMMM. It's now cooling on the counter and soon to go in the icebox for tomorrow morning. I'm soo gonna need to triple this recipe. And I need to get some small glass jars. Baby food jars would be great. Hmm....

It's nice and thick and not at all tart like the store kind. No sugar either. I gotta get my hands on some more powdered milk.

I spoke to a few friends today and they all asked the same question. How come you just don't buy it? Good question. I guess it's the same reason I grow a garden, cook from scratch and raise chickens for eggs - because it tastes so much better AND it's very fulfilling to make something from your own hands and cuts the cost. Did you even know you could make yogurt yourself? There is nothing wrong with learning new things. Try it!

If you'd like to try your own Homemade Yogurt.


Heather said...

Well, I've never tried making yogurt, but now you've convinced me! Especially if it's nice and thick, because I hate runny yogurt.

Rachel said...

I may have "cured" it too long.. but i like it that way!!

Anonymous said...

I make yoghurt in the crockpot but I modified the recipe so it comes out nice and thick every time. I think a lot of people don't understand the pleasure that can be gained from making/growing things yourself when you could buy it from a shop.