Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Monday

Here ya go. The order may change depending on our mood.

Monday - Boneless, skinless chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill. Left over mashed potatoes, green beans, and faux taters*

Tuesday - Spag. and garlic bread, salad.

Wednesday - Sausage and potatoes. Salad.

Thursday - Country steaks cooked in gravy, rice, left over green beans from Monday, macaroni pea salad.

Friday - Leftovers from the week!

*Faux taters -

1 bag of garlic cauliflower in the steam bag.
4 oz cream cheese
1 tablespoon butter
1/3 cup whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste.

Cook garlic cauliflower in microwave according to directions on bag. Put cream cheese, butter and whipping cream in blender. Add half of the cauliflower when done. Blend until smooth. Add seasonings. Add other half of cauliflower, blend until desired consistency. Add more seasonings if desired. Pour into bowl, sprinkle shredded cheese on top.

This is sooo good!! MMMM It's low-carb mashed potatoes and my daughter can eat this by itself. She prefers this over regular mashed potatoes.

Six unspectacular quirks

Susan tagged me, and I think Heather tagged me while the hurrican drama was happening. I finally found a moment to sit and think about my quirks.

The rules are:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I am a very unorganized person - tho small areas are very controlled - the vanity, the night stand, my desk. And on my desk, everything must be in its place or I cannot work. The pencils have to be to the right side of the note pad and the stack of papers has to be straightened. (all of which I did before typing this post LOL) Larger areas look like a hurricane blew thru.

2. I clean the shower while I am in it. I keep a sponge on a handle in the shower and while my conditioner is sitting I scrub and rinse the shower walls and doors. I don't shave in the shower as I use an epilator.

3. I find the silver lining in every cloud. So much that my kids have asked me if I was ALWAYS like that.. and they often tell me I"m such a nerd because of it LOL

4. I love being frugal and have had friends ask my why I like to do things the "hard way" - cook from scratch, make my own yogurt, grow a garden, etc.

5. I work at home and get dressed - including socks and shoes, fix my hair and sometimes makeup - every day. Most ask if I work in my PJs.. uhm.. no.. not too professional. I just FEEL more productive when I am dressed. I even get dressed when the weather is bad, no matter what time of night it is. I want to be prepared.

6. I like my water with no ice. My water glass is filled several times during the day and I pour it straight from the Berkey water filter tank.

Lemme see who I will tag...
1. Old Fashioned Girl!
2. Fantasically Blonde!
3. 20 little toes!
4. Heaven on Earth!
5. Mightier than any sword!
6. Ginger-Pie!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where are thee, sleep?

I am so tired, yet I cannot sleep. I went to bed at 6pm! I had every intention of sleeping a full 10-12 hours too. NOT.

I tossed and turned and finally at 8:00 I couldn't take it anymore. And here it is 11:41 and I'm yawning and so tired.

It's like I'm so tired I cannot sleep. Blah!

I wish I would have taken some Tylenol PM tonight before trying to go to sleep. I could be blishfully dreaming right now. Instead, I'm glued to the computer and finding more and more interesting things to read about.

I'm off to try and sleep. I'm sure tomorrow I will be dragging tail!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My life is one timer after another

Technology is wonderful, is it not? My life is filled with timers, or so it seems.

I wake up to music every morning. That dreadful beeping sends me racing around the house with my heart about to beat right out of my chest and my brain is thinking the fire alarm is going off. I always wake to the music. Actually, I wake to that little click the clock does when the music alarm is turning on.

I have an alarm to go off on my cell phone when it's 5 minutes before time to leave to bring Sarah to school. That way I have time to wrap up things for work, bathroom, grab some coffee, etc, before I head out the door.

I then have an alarm to go off on my cell when it's time to leave. Child.MUST.NOT.BE.LATE!

I usually set the timer on the microwave for foods. Sometimes, if I have several things going at once I will have several timers. They have magnetic strips on the back, so I stick them on whatever appliance they are being used for. Just remember, timer stuck on crockpot get very hot!

Then there is the timer to tell me to go pick up my child. Yes, I get so busy at work that I must set a timer to remind me.

Back at home I will sometimes set the timer when I clean so I don't get sidetracked. I do a 15 minute project daily (okay, so I TRY to do one) and if I don't set that timer I will get so sidetracked.

I set the timers when cooking supper at night too.

On Wednesdays the kids have CCD. Yup, another timer there too. I really need to set one to go pick them up so I don't forget.

If I excercise, I most definitely set that timer LOL

Then I do a mental timer when I read in bed.. that usually works out to about 30 minutes.

My life is a busy one lead by music, melodies, tones, beeps and buzzes.
Sarah stayed home from school today. The time that I would normally spend taking her to school, I have been cleaning. Well.. putting things back where they belong. That seems to be the biggest problem we have in this house. We tend to lay things down until.. well.. later. The end of the bar leading to the kids' rooms is filled with stuff they need to take back to their room and stuff the man of the house needs to bring back outside.

I have a pile of socks that have no mates.

I have candles burning in the bathrooms and oil burning in the living room. The dishwasher is unloaded, the folded clothes are put away, the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher and those that don't fit are soaking.

It's Wednesday so that means it's paper day. All those loose pages that have been piling up on my desk have been filed. Papers are waiting to be given to Daniel's confirmation sponsor. I feel so organized.

This week Flylady is in the master bedroom. Ours really stays clean so not much to do in there.

The kids did some water color paintings at MeMe's when we were evacuated and I want to get some frames and hang them up. I love that kinda stuff.

I also started looking over my HMB section for Thanksgiving. Even though we go to a parent's house for Tgiving, I like to cook a dinner just for us too. My sister and her family will be gone this year for Tgiving so maybe I'll host it at my house. We'll see. Seems no matter how hard I try.. there are always things I should have done or could have done - according to my mother. Blah! I need to get some fall things - rugs, colored candles, table cloth... those little touches.

I guess exercising IS a good thing.. I seem to be full of energy this morning!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

supper and xtras

The brocolli salad is YUMMY, and I did a double batch of the cheeseburger pie so now I don't have to cook today! YEAH! I may heat up some corn or do some garlic bread to go with it. Just because it is leftovers does not mean you have to eat it the same way you did before. That's what I call morphing a meal; changing it up or into something different.

I have some oatmeal baking, thanks Heather! I can smell it MMMM

As the cooler weather approaches, I get to itching for baking and cooking and freezing meals. Hopefully my sister and I will be able to get some batch cooking going again for the holidays. That is such a lifesaver. Then I can concentrate on decorating and shopping and perhaps take it easy this year.

I really need to start on my list of Cmas gifts. I'm pretty sure there are some things I can purchase early.. like gift certs. Oho.. .I'm on a roll! Off to get a list started.. and work on food menu for the holidays! I love getting organized. Speaking of.. I'm hoping Heather posts about holiday organizing as the time gets closer... hint, hint!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heard today

This morning Sarah was in a foul mood. She had quick, short, snippy answers for any question I asked - basic stuff like "are you ready?" and "do you have my phone?"

When I picked her up today she said, "umhm, mom. I'm sorry for how I talked to you this morning. I was just in a bad mood."

My heart melted. Wow!

Today Daniel had a friend over. They were in the room and I could hear them talking, laughing, cell phones ringing, etc.

They moved to the dining room where the friend's phone rang and he spoke to someone... then before hanging up he says, "okay, love you, dad. Bye" When he got off the phone he tells daniel, "Hey, yes, I tell my dad I love him... got a problem with that?" He was laughing when he said it, so they were cool. It's not like he was madd or anything. This guys mom passed away last year. So I am sure he knows just how short life can be.

Today, Sarah tells me the mom of a boy she goes to school with died over the weekend.

This past Friday we had a local teacher pass away - while at school! She was 32. Too young!

Daniel has several friends who have had parents pass away.

Jessica's best friend's dad passed when they were in middle school. That was so hard.

I don't recall any one's parents passing when I was my kids ages. Heck, all my friend's parents were still married!

Cheeseburger pie

** Nicole, my kids have requested that rib meal once a week now for 3 weeks. Last week I used chicken in place of ribs... not as good, but they liked it. I also added bell pepper, carrots, and potatoes to it. They gobbled it up.

My husband loves cheeseburger pie. It's a weight watchers recipe, though it's soo good! Most of the time when I make it I don't measure... just go with what looks good, like the meat to rice ratio. Seasonings.. oh yah.. bring on the garlic. It's a great meal to use up that left over rice. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Cheeseburger Pie - serves 4

1 cup tomatoe sauce
4 oz onion, diced
1/2 medium bell pepper
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 - 1 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
8 oz cooked ground beef
4 oz mild cheddar cheese, shredded - reserve some for top!
2 cups cooked rice

Combine first six ingredients. Simmer until veggies are tender. Add the ground beef, cheese and rice. Mix well. Put mixture into a greased casserole dish. Sprinkle reserved cheese on top. Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

My mom also made a dish with those mulicolored spiral pasta, ground meat, tomatoe sauce, carrots, green beans, seasoning.. it was sooo good!! I will have to get that one from her. She was a weight watcher instructor for years... and had the best recipes! MMMM

Menu Monday

Time to get back into the swing of things that was working so well before the hurricanes. I really like having a planned menu. It takes much stress off of me and it's a done deal. I ask for ideas for meals before shopping so everyone has input and there is less complaining from the peanut gallery. The order is subject to change!

Monday - Cheeseburger pie (no crust or top), green salad/brocolli salad.

Tuesday - Pepper steak - I leave out the tomatoes; I add carrots to it; put pineapple on the bar if anyone wants to add some to it.

Wednesday - chicken chow mein over rice, egg drop soup.

Thursday - Oven baked ribs, macaroni salad.

Friday - Homemade pizza!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is there a pause button?

I just need a few days. That's all. Not a vacation, cause time keeps ticking even on a vacation. What I really need is for time to stop so I can get caught up. For.. say.. a day or two? Okay, three?!

Two evacuations back to back and I'm mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

My brain is mush. I have so much I need to do - house-wise and errands. I need to go over my hurricane lists and see what worked and what did not and revise things. I really need to look at my food box choices. We soo needed more chips and snacks. Teens eat a lot. When stressed, they eat even MORE.

I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to do housework, run errands, cook, clean up, laundry, organize, work. And I must say... it's so bad that hubby and I have been sleeping on a flat sheet spread out on the bed with a comfortor to cover because I'm simply too tired to put the washed fresh sheets back on the bed. SERIOUSLY! Every night when we go to bed I start out saying it's such a shame that I haven't even gotten around to putting the blasted sheets back on the bed, and how I got them washed and dried and on the couch and then it stopped right there, and how lovely it would be to crawl into a bed with sheets on it for crying out loud. And what does my husband say? He says, "Come'ere. We'll just "camp" another night. Do it later." Awww.. when the kids were little and the sheets didn't make it on the bed (seeing a pattern here??) I would let them grab their sleeping bags and sleep on those on the bed or the floor. They said it was like camping in their rooms, and thus the name stuck!

Emotionally I am teetering. I cannot look at any more pictures or watch any more news coverage of the storm. I have to change the channel on the radio and I stopped reading the scroll at the bottom of the tv screen. It just brings up all those feelings from Rita. I know what those people are going thru. I know the frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and never-ending work that they will be doing. It is kinda like posttraumatic stress. It's a flashback for me and what we went thru. I feel bad for sitting in my clean house with things relatively back to normal while they are struggling just to get a meal. We have areas around town providing food for those still without power or food. I remember being so angry to go to my neighbors after Rita and see her sit there after her shower in her robe, rocking in her recliner, food cooking on the stove, tv going, laundry folded.. her house intact. There were were, all five crammed in a camper, no room to cook, paper plates, quick meals, no place to stretch, schedules for showers, laundry piled up cause there was no room to store your clean clothes for FIVE people in a freaking camper. There was no room to move, to lounge, to relax. You either were in the bed, sitting on a couch, or standing. It was move so I can move. We did that for almost a year. While I was very grateful for having a place... it was hell.

Last night we drove thru some areas that were hit hard. Just about everyone on the street had a hugh pile or rubbish on the side of the road - sheetrock, mattresses, clothes, carpet, padding, closet doors, kitchen cabinets, .. the list goes on. Look around your house. See everything on the floors? That would all be soaked and need to be tossed. Stand near the wall and make a mark at 6 inches.. and 2 foot, and 5 foot. Anything below that mark would need to be tossed. Nasty mess! I'm glad to see we have learned from the past and are jumping up to make repairs. I wanted to knock on every door and cry with the people and tell them I KNOW what they are going thru. So sad. Just so very sad.

I need to plan the weekly menu, get coupons in order, grocery shop, put the sheets on the bed, put some folded clothes up, sweep, tidy up, get a gift for a 1-year-old, get a white shirt for Daniel, attend a party, bring one child to a different party, and find some time to relax in there! It's 10:00 already.. at least I have had my shower.

Time to get moving because I don't think I'll ever find that pause button.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It tugs at your heart...

I spent most of last night looking at pictures being passed around between friends and family that were taken down in Cameron Parish. Wow. Water does considerable damage. And there was a lot of water down there! It's like Rita all over again. While we don't have to fuss and fight with downed power lines and down trees, and things blown around, we now have to deal with the water damage and the things the water pushed around.

Boats are in streets. Houses are in streets. Vehicles are in streets. The destruction is amazing. Mother Nature's wrath.. better get out her way!

My heart just aches for the people going through this again. The water will recede and in it's place will be left the marsh mud (which stinks to high heaven!) and grasses and debris and fish and crabs and alligators, and any other critter in the water or on the land. Left behind for these people to clean up before they can start making repairs to homes.

I remember that feeling that the hole was too deep to dig myself out of. No hope. The recovery time line was just too long for me to see an end. The work you knew you would have to do to get it cleaned up.. then the repairs.. not to mention the every day life things that never seem to stop: Your JOB that you must do in order to continue making money to repair things and support your family, the cooking and cleaning, the grocery shopping, the errands, the kids things... the bills (oh yah, they still keep coming!). Life itself takes 24 hours.. remember before the storm you didn' thave time to do all these things... Well.. if you thought you were short on time then... just wait!

Every muscle in my body hurt. Every inch of me. I was exhausted mentally and physicially. You get depressed. You feel alone. You feel left behind while the world continues to spin for everyone else.

Little by little you pick up the pieces, clean up the land, remove the debris, sort through things, try your best to get back to your old self/schedule... it just takes time. What else do you have? You've just lost everything.

They will move on.. they will rebuild... the people of Southwest Louisiana are strong. They want to move on.. they want to get back to living.

Keep them in your prayers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike blew thru

What a whopper Ike was! I am home now.. and I hope I don't have to go thru this for a very long. I would say never again but I know that's not gonna happen.

We were not under a manduatory evacation so nobody was really too concerned. Then the mayor got on tv and couldn't understand why were not taking this storm seriously. Uh.. cause you called for us to evac for Gustov, who turned out to be nothing. So if you are not calling for evac for Ike.. surely we are okay!?

Let me just say that my husband and I are big-time into being prepare. We have everything pretty much covered and hoped this would be a milder storm so we could have a test run. I mean, you can prepare all you want.. but who wants their test run to be with a direct hit???

Curfew in town on Friday was 10 am. Storm winds were supposed to be bad by noon. WHAT? Dropped computer at office, picked up friend and headed to my mother in laws. And there we sat. Ate lunch. Sat. At 6 we decided we better eat a good supper before the "fun" started. We ate chicken salad sandwiches, cleaned up, and sat. We really didn't watch the news as they tend to hype it up so much it makes me so nervous. Instead we opted for the computer for updates. MUCH better! After several phone calls with info updates and making sure everyone was prepared, we decided we better get some sleep before party started.

SLEEP? Yes.. the winds were about 40 mph with some gusts and no rain. We all settled down and suprisingly slept! That was until 1:40 when the weather radio went off warning of tornadoes. I jumped up, called my sister to see if she was awake. THey had given a walkie talkie to the neighbor to relay info. Good thinking! They were all up and waiting. Called a neighbor, they had lost power about 30 mins earlier. And the winds were now kicking. The weather band kept going off but the tornadoes were well to the East of us. We got on the computer and checked the weather. We seemed to always be just between the outer bands and the hurricane. The wind blew and blew. I'm assuming they were 50 mph with 80+ gusts. That's what the weather web site was showing the readings were at our local airport. Around 3 we decided we could go back to bed. The winds didn't seem to be increasing and the eye was on shore now. On more check of the computer.. oops.. no cable! Check in with some more family and they were without power too. Ours never flickered or went out! We went back to bed at 3 and I woke up at 7. Granted, the sleeping wasn't good sleep. The weather band radio kept going off all night and each time I would sit up and listen to where it was. All far east or north of us. I was up and down a good bit. At 7 we walked the dogs. No rain. We got a good survey of the neighborhood. My mother in law lives by a bayou and the water had come up considerably. She doesn't have to worry about water getting in her house, but those living directly on teh bayou... water in homes. The water surge was huge in our city. Every place there was water it was flooded. They were expecting high tide to come in and push even more water in and for the existing water to rise 2 more feet. YIKES. And the wind blew and blew and blew all day long! Really hard gusts. In my neighborhood we had no power and no water. Rich came home immediately and set up the generator so we wouldn't lose our food. We picked up some food and headed back to mother in laws for another night. How nice it was to be in ac. The rains came after the hurricane and the water rose some more. Then it started to go back down. And slowly it went enough so we could get out of her neighborhood. I brought my friend back home to her apt with power and water. I know she was happy to be home. We painted and talked and visited.. and walked... passed the day. Bed felt soo good that night!

I woke this morning and was able to get out again and go home and check on things. Minor damage. The woman diagnol from me.. her carport behind her house is now in her front yard. The neighbor down the road had a trampoline in their yard.. but. they don't own one LOL The owner came and claimed the crumpled mess.

Back to mother in laws... puttered around. Electric crews were in the area... I got power late this evening... and we had water and we came HOME. It's soo good to be home :)

We unpacked what we needed.. and now I'm headed to bed to snuggle with my man!!

We passed our trial run but improvements can always be made :) My heart goes out to the people of Texas.. but I know they will do like we did and pick themselves up and carry on! God bless!

Friday, September 12, 2008

So much fun I cannot stand it!

I am very blessed to be married to the wonderful husband I have. He is a survivalist. Not that he loves these kind of things.. but he does very well in stressful situations and feels very comfortable with what we are about to go thru. That puts me at such ease. He came back the next day after Rita. He knows what its all about. He is well prepared and has a game plan. If anything, I hope with all this our children will learn how important it is to be prepared for any type of emergency, know what to pack/how to pack, and know how to survive in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Not that I EVER want them to go thru this ever again.. but you can never be too prepared.

We have food, water and other necessary provisions.

I have contacted family and friends and found out where they will be.

The kids have packed.

We have packed.

We'll be staying at my mother in law's for the storm. After it passes we will come home.

Rich will get the lanterns in storage today and some ice.

I have to bring computer to office soon.

Load some things for safe keeping.


Pick up a friend.

Head to my mother in laws.

I am tired. I slept pretty hard last night considering the wind has already started blowing at a constant speed and then it kinda gusts. And.. well.. I don't like wind! But I do feel we are safe and I am very glad we will all be together.

We have learned so much about our family/friends and ourselves these past few evacuations. It really is a test to see if you have it all together as well as you think you do. I'm feeling pretty confident. If we lose power.. I just hope it comes back up quickly. I don't do well in the heat.

Pray for those that will be affected by the storm.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Round 2

At this point we are staying. We seem to be far enough East of the storm to be out of harms way. Our town may be without power for a few days, but we have provisions for that.

I have come to discover a few things:

1. It does not hurt to be prepared at all times. Many people laughed at me and rolled their eyes for my preperations. Now? They are running to the store and finding shelves empty. I am at home.. totally ready! Just need to pack truck with our stuff.

2. As a mother, how could I not be prepared? I was so tired of hearing people on the internet talk about the mother in New Orleans walking around with her starving baby and how it just ripped their hearts out. BE PREPARED. We now have technology to tell us these things are going to happen. BE PREPARED.

3. My list for hurricane packing/evacuating has been passed to several people. I'm glad to see it helping. My list thinks so I don't have to!

4. Not only should you have a plan for staying/leaving .. you really need to have an extended family plan. I always call and find out where everyone is going. Seems we are all over the place. Trying to secure a place last minute is not a good thing. It adds stress. We need to have an extended family plan so we will either know where everyone is.. or all go someplace together.

The story of Little Red Hen has been on my mind lately... I am her. Which one are you?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ribs in the oven

Let me just say .... the family all agreed these ribs should be added to our recipe book. They literally stood around the island in the kitchen doing so-called sampling! I don't think they ate the rice nor the veggies LOL

It's really good! And I used Kroger brank no-stick foil... worked beautifully!!

Still watching the hurricane closely!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Menu Monday

Oops.. I"m late!

Monday - we had chicken pot pie and it's almost GONE!

Tuesday - Oven baked pork ribs; eggplant dressing.

Wednesday - Frozen pizza night! Everyone picked their favorite. I figured I would be freaking with the impending hurricane and wanted QUICK meals.

Thursday - Lasagna or cheeseburger pie.

Friday - depening on hurricane... sandwiches or leftovers from the week!

Staying on track

If Hurricane Ike stays on the current track everyone is predicting... we will be just fine!! I slept so hard last night after checking the computer before going to bed. I would do what needed to be done... but it sure would not be pretty! I'm pretty frazzled and just want to rest.

Time for coffee!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Are you prepared? Are you? Seriously? It's coming and it's gonna be fierce!

We are once again tracking a hurricane, and it's not looking so good. While we don't seem to be in the direct path, we are to the East side and that's not good. That is there the tornadoes come from. And those tornadoes on the East side is what spawned the tornado that took my house in 2005.

I haven't FREAKED OUT yet.. but I know it's coming. I don't want to have to evacuate but I have kids to think about. The phone calls from family and friends has begun. Motels are hard to come by. People do not want to be separated. Richard's cousin is due next month - everyone is worried the stress of back-to-back evacuations will put her into labor. We are all worried for our homes again. The neighbor called to say they had reservations at different campgrounds, just in case. I have friends across the country that have opened their doors and said, "Cmon!" I am very blessed. I have family that keeps asking if it's gonna take a hurricane to get me to go see them. It just might!

I wonder if the media is gonna show anything other than New Orleans this time? I wonder if the city will do a better job at evacuating? They had plenty of buses to get people out.. not enough to bring them back - WHAT?? They had people staying in so-called State Shelters with no running water. They'd haul you to jail pronto if you were treating your dog like that! What gives? People don't have the extra $ to evacuate. Heck, most didn't have it to evacuate last week and they surely won't have it now. Many say they will not leave after hearing the horror stories of traffic, no place to stay, and no gas along the routes and no extra money!

We are watching and tracking. Our hurricane map is filled with dots and dates marking the projected path of Hurricane Ike. I am praying for the people of where ever it hits. It's not gonna be pretty.

So, are you prepared? It's happening whether you like it or not.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Evacuation lists

Hopefully this can get some people started on making a disaster plan. You do not need to live in the South to have an evacuation plan. Every family should have one. You just never know. If you have anything to add to the list, by all means leave it in the comments. I keep the master list on my computer. A copy is in my home binder. I add to the list in the binder and once that list starts getting ratty I add the new things on the computer list and print and new one out.

Here ya go:

Pictures, videos, journals, bibles, heirloom cookbooks, important papers (transfer from filing cabinet to portble file box)
Fire box
Bills due envelope from desk

Computer, books, printer - in Rubbermaid tub - take to office

Clothing - shorts, shirts, school clothes/backpack, socks, tenny shoes, one pant, night clothes, bras, undies.
blanket, pillow.
Bathroom items.

face cleaner
contact stuff
hair brushes
hair dryer
make up
Toilet paper

Medications RX
first aid kit

1 - 2 loaf of bread
1 jar of peanut butter
1 jar of jelly
lunch meat
chips - pringles - easier to pack
vienna sausages
canned fruit
canned chicken
salt/pepper - saved packets from fast-food places
canned pasta
paper towels/paper plates
laundry detergent
ziplocks for leftovers?
can opener
roman noodles
bottled water
bottled water flavors
granola/fruit bars
cheese crackers

Personal items
Flashlight - wind up/battery operated
Radio - battery operated
Gas for generator; gas in vehicles
Fill 5-gallon buckets and tubs with water

Board up home
Turn off gas and water
Bring outside stuff indoors
Secure trash can lid and trash can to pole or fence
Take off chimney stack/cover with trash bag, secure
Tractors, extra vehicles inland, depending on where storm is headed
Fill boat with water to hold it down, anchor boat trailer to ground

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Each year I try to get more organized. I concentrate on that one thing until it becomes a habit slowly but surely. I really need to pick up the pace some. I have lots of areas I need to organize.

I'm watching Hurricane Ike and will be loading up my food box this weekend. I'll be getting teh laundry caught up and will get things packed. My list is ready and in my home binder. It sure helps things run much smoother.

I made my menu for the week, but thinking I really should use up what's in the freezer before Ike gets too close. Those savings on groceries could come in handy for travel expenses. Will have to discuss with my hunny on his thoughts about this.

Tomorrow I will post my packing list and my food box list.

From those that I have heard from after Gustav... they all seemed to do well! No major damage; mostly power outtages. yeah!

I went to get a label maker. I don't like the prices. EGADS! I'm not giving up. I have a few more places to look.

I'm off to dream land.. i'm pooped!

Friday, September 05, 2008

******NEWS FLASH****

OH! I am so happy! I found the recipe I have been looking for. I was sitting at the computer trying to remember where in the heck I had seen a recipe for hashbrowns when suddenly I remember thinking how nice it would be to wake up to breakfast. IN.THE.CROCKPOT.!

And here is the recipe I have been wanting to try!

I'll have to get some more cheese - we've used it up. I'll need to get some more breakfast sausage - I ate it yesterday when I made my own egg casserole for supper (and it was super yummy if i do say so myself!). I must get milk - Baby Huey (Son) is OUT. The world will cease to exist as we know it if they boy does not have his milk.

But I am glad I found it. I have been wanting to find something to make for Sunday mornings when we wake up and are getting ready for church. I really need to start making Sunday's crockpot days and let it cook while we are at church.

NOW, I'm off to bed :)

Can I got to bed, now?

I am so tired. And here I sit. Reading blogs. Captivating they are!

I promised myself I would go to get early. I failed. I say I"ll sleep late. I'm sure I"ll by up by 6. Maybe I'll nap tomorrow and make up for lack of sleep. Why is it now when I stay up a few nights it takes a week to catch up instead how it was in my 20s when i could just get an hour or two more in and be bright-eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.

Sarah and I spent the evening together. We did a favorite eatery and then headed to that evil place called Hel*Mart. I'd rather go to the dentist. Seriously.

I wanted a label maker. I earned it. I'm trying to get more organized. Hey, I need justification when I make purchases, and it's working for me. I didn't like what they had so tomorrow I'll be zipping over to Office Depot.

Then I picked up an extra can opener to store in my hurricane box. I'm making progress. Please, Ike, stay away long enough for me to get prepared!! My master list in on the computer and I've printed a copy out and it's in a page protector. And I wonder why my kids call me a NERD??

I picked up Sarah a coloring book and she has been coloring way. She's so easy to please.

Then I caught the end of "Titanic" and boo-hoo'd. I miss my man! He's working up in North Louisiana, and then Texas tomorrow, and then home. I'm feeling pretty neglected. He's promised to take me fishing to boost my spirits. And he says he's not romantic... silly man!

Tomorrow I'll get my coupons in order, work on my master grocery list, make my menu for the week and maybe fold that load of laundry that has been on the chaise since we returned home. I already cracked open my FlyLady binder and jumped right in. I can tell I'm losing control and want to get it back before it's too far gone. Things run so much better on a schedule!

That being said.. I'm late for bed. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

now, where was that?

I remember making a menu a few weeks ago and wanting to try a new recipe. It had hasbrowns in it. I have them in the freezer. I remember it was a HUGE bag of them and I had to go back to the freezer section - I almost forgot them. And now I cannot remember what recipe I wanted to make using them! ARGH!

I looked on Hillbilly Housewife- I still think it's from there, but cannot find it. Maybe I will find the scratch paper I wrote it on.. cause I remember writing down next to "hashbrowns" the recipe I wanted to make because I knew I would forget where to look for it AND I WAS RIGHT!!

I have the weekend off and plan to lounge and maybe do some cooking. I'm so ready for fall so I can do some bulk cooking. I'm wanting to have my freezer full of meals by the holidaze so I can have less stress for meal time.

I also need to cook what's in my freezer. Next week I will probably base my menu off of what we have in there. I totally forget. I use to make a master list and check things off as I used them. Then other started cooking and pretty soon nobody was checking things off. Really frustrating.

Okay, time to check my thrown together from memory casserole. I have been so hungry for egg/cheese/breakfast sausage casserole. MMM.. smells so good. I'm starving.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Exhaustion hit

I had to nap today - it finally caught up with me!

Most of our neighbors , including ourselves, are staying packed and ready with boards still on houses as we watch the upcoming storms. I'm revising my evacuation list. Each time we leave I remember something, learn something or something else works better than before. I don't like having to learn that way, but I can say this time around was more productive. It takes TIME tho to get ready.

I was able to pop over and spend some time with DERBS! How amazing is THAT? Her kids are just as wonderful and amazing as she says they are. It was kinda wierd having the feeling I knew them even after never actually meeting them.

I cannot thank her and her family enough.

Rich stayed and gave us reports. No damage at home! I was so relieved. It feels soo good to be home. The kids were in such a rush to get home. Having gone thru what we did in Rita, they wanted to get to their home and reclaim it! Can't blame them. We enjoyed our day at the Boardwalk and the Mall. I knew this time I needed to keep them worn out or they would drive me bonkers! It worked.

We are still getting rain and bad weather from Gustov.. watching it all carefully. This was a crazy storm!!

I'm off to get some things done. Please keep our friends to the East in your prayers. I know they are eager to get home and start repairing the damage.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

home and tired!

We are home and pooped. I just finished setting up the computer and now i'm going to bed!!!

More later, promise!!!