Friday, September 05, 2008

Can I got to bed, now?

I am so tired. And here I sit. Reading blogs. Captivating they are!

I promised myself I would go to get early. I failed. I say I"ll sleep late. I'm sure I"ll by up by 6. Maybe I'll nap tomorrow and make up for lack of sleep. Why is it now when I stay up a few nights it takes a week to catch up instead how it was in my 20s when i could just get an hour or two more in and be bright-eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.

Sarah and I spent the evening together. We did a favorite eatery and then headed to that evil place called Hel*Mart. I'd rather go to the dentist. Seriously.

I wanted a label maker. I earned it. I'm trying to get more organized. Hey, I need justification when I make purchases, and it's working for me. I didn't like what they had so tomorrow I'll be zipping over to Office Depot.

Then I picked up an extra can opener to store in my hurricane box. I'm making progress. Please, Ike, stay away long enough for me to get prepared!! My master list in on the computer and I've printed a copy out and it's in a page protector. And I wonder why my kids call me a NERD??

I picked up Sarah a coloring book and she has been coloring way. She's so easy to please.

Then I caught the end of "Titanic" and boo-hoo'd. I miss my man! He's working up in North Louisiana, and then Texas tomorrow, and then home. I'm feeling pretty neglected. He's promised to take me fishing to boost my spirits. And he says he's not romantic... silly man!

Tomorrow I'll get my coupons in order, work on my master grocery list, make my menu for the week and maybe fold that load of laundry that has been on the chaise since we returned home. I already cracked open my FlyLady binder and jumped right in. I can tell I'm losing control and want to get it back before it's too far gone. Things run so much better on a schedule!

That being said.. I'm late for bed. Goodnight!

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