Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Exhaustion hit

I had to nap today - it finally caught up with me!

Most of our neighbors , including ourselves, are staying packed and ready with boards still on houses as we watch the upcoming storms. I'm revising my evacuation list. Each time we leave I remember something, learn something or something else works better than before. I don't like having to learn that way, but I can say this time around was more productive. It takes TIME tho to get ready.

I was able to pop over and spend some time with DERBS! How amazing is THAT? Her kids are just as wonderful and amazing as she says they are. It was kinda wierd having the feeling I knew them even after never actually meeting them.

I cannot thank her and her family enough.

Rich stayed and gave us reports. No damage at home! I was so relieved. It feels soo good to be home. The kids were in such a rush to get home. Having gone thru what we did in Rita, they wanted to get to their home and reclaim it! Can't blame them. We enjoyed our day at the Boardwalk and the Mall. I knew this time I needed to keep them worn out or they would drive me bonkers! It worked.

We are still getting rain and bad weather from Gustov.. watching it all carefully. This was a crazy storm!!

I'm off to get some things done. Please keep our friends to the East in your prayers. I know they are eager to get home and start repairing the damage.


Heather said...

Rachel, I really hope that things calm down soon! I feel so bad for you. Try to catch up on your rest (if you can!)

Anne-Marie said...

So glad to hear you're okay and able to make it home.