Monday, September 22, 2008

Heard today

This morning Sarah was in a foul mood. She had quick, short, snippy answers for any question I asked - basic stuff like "are you ready?" and "do you have my phone?"

When I picked her up today she said, "umhm, mom. I'm sorry for how I talked to you this morning. I was just in a bad mood."

My heart melted. Wow!

Today Daniel had a friend over. They were in the room and I could hear them talking, laughing, cell phones ringing, etc.

They moved to the dining room where the friend's phone rang and he spoke to someone... then before hanging up he says, "okay, love you, dad. Bye" When he got off the phone he tells daniel, "Hey, yes, I tell my dad I love him... got a problem with that?" He was laughing when he said it, so they were cool. It's not like he was madd or anything. This guys mom passed away last year. So I am sure he knows just how short life can be.

Today, Sarah tells me the mom of a boy she goes to school with died over the weekend.

This past Friday we had a local teacher pass away - while at school! She was 32. Too young!

Daniel has several friends who have had parents pass away.

Jessica's best friend's dad passed when they were in middle school. That was so hard.

I don't recall any one's parents passing when I was my kids ages. Heck, all my friend's parents were still married!

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Sheri said...

funny that you blogged about parents dying....just this weekend..Blake had a friend over- well he is here often but this weekend I found out I knew his dad- I said Oh Blake dont let your daddy know...i laughed and walked in the house- he texted me to tell me that Devin's dad had died (i had forgotten) I felt horrible- the next night Collette was here and Devin was here again- and Blakes friend Blake- whose uncle we had also went to school with and had also died.....there are way too many people dying at young ages- The girl I work with was good friends with the teacher at SJ. My other friend's son was in the class or around the class when it happened. Very difficult for those that have not experienced death in a family. One of Taylor's friends - dad died a few years ago- he had been in a coma for many years- her friend never knew him other than being in the coma....I had a few friends with divorced parents- (of course mine were divorced when I was in 2nd grade) It's a much different society now- strange how history repeats itself in someways and doesnt in others.....