Monday, September 08, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Are you prepared? Are you? Seriously? It's coming and it's gonna be fierce!

We are once again tracking a hurricane, and it's not looking so good. While we don't seem to be in the direct path, we are to the East side and that's not good. That is there the tornadoes come from. And those tornadoes on the East side is what spawned the tornado that took my house in 2005.

I haven't FREAKED OUT yet.. but I know it's coming. I don't want to have to evacuate but I have kids to think about. The phone calls from family and friends has begun. Motels are hard to come by. People do not want to be separated. Richard's cousin is due next month - everyone is worried the stress of back-to-back evacuations will put her into labor. We are all worried for our homes again. The neighbor called to say they had reservations at different campgrounds, just in case. I have friends across the country that have opened their doors and said, "Cmon!" I am very blessed. I have family that keeps asking if it's gonna take a hurricane to get me to go see them. It just might!

I wonder if the media is gonna show anything other than New Orleans this time? I wonder if the city will do a better job at evacuating? They had plenty of buses to get people out.. not enough to bring them back - WHAT?? They had people staying in so-called State Shelters with no running water. They'd haul you to jail pronto if you were treating your dog like that! What gives? People don't have the extra $ to evacuate. Heck, most didn't have it to evacuate last week and they surely won't have it now. Many say they will not leave after hearing the horror stories of traffic, no place to stay, and no gas along the routes and no extra money!

We are watching and tracking. Our hurricane map is filled with dots and dates marking the projected path of Hurricane Ike. I am praying for the people of where ever it hits. It's not gonna be pretty.

So, are you prepared? It's happening whether you like it or not.


Sheri said...

I would like to know when New Orleans became the ONLY City in Louisiana? That's all they talk about- never mind where the Hurricane actually made landfall-all about Nagin's New Orleans.

I must defend the City- my employer, The City did and excellent job of evacuating the Citizen's of Lake Charles; The City's transit division was only responsibility for transporting the Citizens TO the Civic Center- from there the State/DSS took over.

Hopefully all parties learned from the mistakes made. I know that we have made changes to our procedures so that we do not have to depend on the State/DSS for information on the Evacuees once they leave our City.

Last I heard we are planning on starting evacuation procedures on Wednesday (a day after New Orleans (huh?-that's what I said))

The City is in over drive; we are in the process of preparing our water and wastewater plants-as well as the lift stations.

We have learned a lot with "Gustav"-and each and every department is busy making adjustments to current hurricane procedures.

We have a manditory staff meeting tomorrow to discuss our hurricane plans-funny, it was suposed to be a meeting to discuss- GUSTAV! Now, we will be discussing IKE!

I should know more after tomorrow. As it looks right now; it's headed for Texas- but so was Rita at this stage eh?

I'll report back any information I get from tomorrow's many meetings!

Heather said...

Good heavens, you guys are having a really rough time down there! I'm praying that things calm down soon!