Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike blew thru

What a whopper Ike was! I am home now.. and I hope I don't have to go thru this for a very long. I would say never again but I know that's not gonna happen.

We were not under a manduatory evacation so nobody was really too concerned. Then the mayor got on tv and couldn't understand why were not taking this storm seriously. Uh.. cause you called for us to evac for Gustov, who turned out to be nothing. So if you are not calling for evac for Ike.. surely we are okay!?

Let me just say that my husband and I are big-time into being prepare. We have everything pretty much covered and hoped this would be a milder storm so we could have a test run. I mean, you can prepare all you want.. but who wants their test run to be with a direct hit???

Curfew in town on Friday was 10 am. Storm winds were supposed to be bad by noon. WHAT? Dropped computer at office, picked up friend and headed to my mother in laws. And there we sat. Ate lunch. Sat. At 6 we decided we better eat a good supper before the "fun" started. We ate chicken salad sandwiches, cleaned up, and sat. We really didn't watch the news as they tend to hype it up so much it makes me so nervous. Instead we opted for the computer for updates. MUCH better! After several phone calls with info updates and making sure everyone was prepared, we decided we better get some sleep before party started.

SLEEP? Yes.. the winds were about 40 mph with some gusts and no rain. We all settled down and suprisingly slept! That was until 1:40 when the weather radio went off warning of tornadoes. I jumped up, called my sister to see if she was awake. THey had given a walkie talkie to the neighbor to relay info. Good thinking! They were all up and waiting. Called a neighbor, they had lost power about 30 mins earlier. And the winds were now kicking. The weather band kept going off but the tornadoes were well to the East of us. We got on the computer and checked the weather. We seemed to always be just between the outer bands and the hurricane. The wind blew and blew. I'm assuming they were 50 mph with 80+ gusts. That's what the weather web site was showing the readings were at our local airport. Around 3 we decided we could go back to bed. The winds didn't seem to be increasing and the eye was on shore now. On more check of the computer.. oops.. no cable! Check in with some more family and they were without power too. Ours never flickered or went out! We went back to bed at 3 and I woke up at 7. Granted, the sleeping wasn't good sleep. The weather band radio kept going off all night and each time I would sit up and listen to where it was. All far east or north of us. I was up and down a good bit. At 7 we walked the dogs. No rain. We got a good survey of the neighborhood. My mother in law lives by a bayou and the water had come up considerably. She doesn't have to worry about water getting in her house, but those living directly on teh bayou... water in homes. The water surge was huge in our city. Every place there was water it was flooded. They were expecting high tide to come in and push even more water in and for the existing water to rise 2 more feet. YIKES. And the wind blew and blew and blew all day long! Really hard gusts. In my neighborhood we had no power and no water. Rich came home immediately and set up the generator so we wouldn't lose our food. We picked up some food and headed back to mother in laws for another night. How nice it was to be in ac. The rains came after the hurricane and the water rose some more. Then it started to go back down. And slowly it went enough so we could get out of her neighborhood. I brought my friend back home to her apt with power and water. I know she was happy to be home. We painted and talked and visited.. and walked... passed the day. Bed felt soo good that night!

I woke this morning and was able to get out again and go home and check on things. Minor damage. The woman diagnol from me.. her carport behind her house is now in her front yard. The neighbor down the road had a trampoline in their yard.. but. they don't own one LOL The owner came and claimed the crumpled mess.

Back to mother in laws... puttered around. Electric crews were in the area... I got power late this evening... and we had water and we came HOME. It's soo good to be home :)

We unpacked what we needed.. and now I'm headed to bed to snuggle with my man!!

We passed our trial run but improvements can always be made :) My heart goes out to the people of Texas.. but I know they will do like we did and pick themselves up and carry on! God bless!


Heather said...

You poor thing! This sounds so scary and stressful. I hope you can get some rest, and relax now for a while.

Cajunchic said...

OMG You poor thing. I have been thinking about you constantly while watching the news and wondering how you were. I was going crazy without internet access to check on you. I am glad to hear it was only minor damage.

The Greek Chorus said...

Hey! Glad you made it through safe. I'm just wading through my email - sorry I didn't get back to you!